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Friday, July 18, 2008

Elyssa's Baby Cot

Here's a photo of Elyssa's practically brand new baby cot. Spent almost RM1,000 for the whole set - wooden cot, latex mattress, mattress protector, crib bumper, mosquito netting, pillow & bolster set etc. And she's spent probably less than 40 hours in it so far!

After her 2nd nite home, I decided to put her into our king-sized bed as I found it so tiring to wake up and breast feed her when she fussed during the nite. Also, she's suchhhhhh a light sleeper that everytime she finally falls asleep in my arms, she'll just wake up when I put her back into the cot. Really frustrating to see her eyes wide open after I slowwwly go through the motions of getting up from my bed, walking to the cot, putting her down, and then gently extract my hands from her.

Hubby's so scared that he'll crush the little princess in his sleep that he's been sleeping on the thin travel mattress on the floor. Poor daddy!

So, my goal for this weekend is to let Elyssa sleep in her own cot. I've just started giving her formula milk before bedtime, so hopefully she can sleep through the night. She still wakes up at night but I think it's more for comfort suckling than actual hunger. Going to try the "give water/pacifier" method for the next few nights. Hope it's going to work !


Wonderful Life said...

Hehe... my boy is also a light sleeper and I also did that the same as you. My boy still co-sleeping with us but in Queen size bed!

You're planning to stop breastfeeding?

It doesn't work for my little guy as he's pretty smart to identify the difference between water & milk, pacifier & breast nipple. He doesn't like pacifier at all. Hope you succeed your goal and water/pacifier method.

Oh ya, it's best to avoid giving water before 6 months as breast milk is sufficient for baby. Water doesn't bring any benefit to babies at early days and feed breast milk as much as possible.

Adel said...

Failed miserably in my plan, so she's still the queen of my bed for now!