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Friday, August 31, 2018

Melbourne Holiday - Aug 2018 (Day 1)

Hello, hello again to my little blogspot space. I have a mission this long weekend - to update all my Melbourne holiday posts. Getting older d.... better pen it down before I forget the details  ;-)   
Well, even with minimal writing, at least photos in sequential order then. So here goes.

Day 0 and 1 
Everyone woke up all excited!  I went to work in the morning as usual, attended a company event in the afternoon (my whole team went up on stage to collect our award. whoo hoo!) and then took the train to KLIA around 7pm.  Met up with rest of family at the airport, all ready for our 10.30pm Air Asia flight.  

First We-fie of the holiday, while waiting for our flight. 

Flight itself?  Bleah.... I keep telling myself NOT to book night flights but still end up doing it every single time cos of the costs.  Only Elyssa slept well while the rest of us fidgeted through the night.

We arrived at Melbourne around 6+ in the morning.

My parents
This photo turned out so nice!  Quickly snapped this while we were waiting for our car rental. 

For this trip, we booked 7 nights at Sebel Creswick Forest Resort about 1.5 hours from Melbourne airport. Used our Marriott vacation club points again.

Fooling around while waiting for Check In

Finally got our keys! Happily went to check the place out. Our Marriott points have never disappointed us.


Bathtub.  No doors! 

Mama at the kitchen

Girls at the living room.
Photo taken from second floor

We all took a short nap. ZZZZzzzz.  It was nice to be able to sleep lying down instead of being in a seated position!  Then went out to get groceries.  I love grocery shopping in Australia!  

 Happily stocking up

Dinner on Day 1
Roasted chicken, sausages, pasta, bread, salad and soup.  Popped open a bottle of wine too. 

Getting ready to eat 
Oops, little girl started eating already. 

Went out for a short walk after dinner.  And then tv and rest.
Always an easy day on the first day.

  ----- End of Day 1 ----

1 comment:

Stacy said...

I always enjoy grocery shopping! I spy huge bottles of milk.