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Saturday, June 30, 2018

LRT trip to KLCC

During the last school holidays, I took a day off work and we did something Elyssa always wanted - LRT trip to KLCC !  Parked at the LRT station and off we went. 

So happy to be taking LRT  :-) 

Twin Towers 

It's been a long time since I went to the park area.  I forgot how nice it was!!  And the playground area was just huge.

There were so just so many playground sets like these.  Perhaps 15 or more

Loved the water area too!  
Wished I brought an extra set of clothes for them. 

Did some shopping, had dinner at Little Penang and then took the LRT home again. Simple but lovely little outing  :-) 

1 comment:

Ai Sakura said...

Sometimes simple outings are the best.. more time to spend together, rather than being busy taking photos or getting tired hehe

Ai @ Sakura Haruka