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Sunday, March 6, 2016

CNY 2016 - Lion Dance

Just like last year, we invited a lion dance troop for CNY.

Pics -

Simple performance before going into the house 
They had nice new lions this year. Yay!
 (The lions last year were a little old and dirty. hehe) 

Garden Blessing

Entering the house
There was a lion dance performance on the tv too! 


Playful lion trying to "eat" Erin's Barbie doll
Love the expression on her face :-) 

Receiving the "blessing" tray

Forgot to take a family photo with the lions this year tho.  
But luckily snapped a photo before the lions came. (they were almost 1 hour late this year! )

2 days after the lion dance at home, the same troop came to the office. Recommended by me la...;-)  

Entering the reception area 

Blessing my room 

With so many blessings, hope that it will be a GREAT year ahead  :-)


mun said...

Definitely will be a good year for you and your family as the lions blessed the whole house and office thoroughly. Good to see everyone enjoyed the lion dance.

Adrine said...

Fingers crossed!