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Thursday, June 11, 2015


Yippppeeeeeee...... completed my favourite dress to-date!

WIP photos

Ta Daaaa!!!! 
Did this dress in record time which is 4 days (not full time la) over the long labour day weekend.

 Back view of dress.
Haha.... Erin started posing

My last 2 major projects were these:

Dress for Erin
This dress took me slightly over 2 months!  Took me two weeks to finish 80% of the dress, then stopped for weeks and weeks, then just one last weekend to complete the final 20%.  Busy, busy, plus I tend to have this habit of losing interest in a project halfway.... aiks.  (hence I gave myself the 4 day timeline for the pink dress above. hehe)

Oh, I picked up crocheting as well.  Did my very first scarf project :-)   Took about 2 months as well.

So many things I wanna sew. So many things I wanna bake. So many things I wanna do!! 
If only there are more hours in a day!  :-)


kcantares said...

I like the dresses that you sew for the girls. So pretty! And unique too, as no one else has the same dress as them. =)

mun said...

You are good at making dresses. How did you find the time to do all these when you are working full time?

Adrine said...

Kcan - thx! haha... yeah, def one of a kind ! No worries of wearing same dress as others.

Mun - tq! Sometimes (well, actually a LOT of times) I wish I don't have to go to work so I can have more time to indulge in my hobbies. Fow now, I sew during weekends only. I used to be able to sew after the kids sleep at night but these days I tend to fall asleep too ;-)

Ai Sakura said...

wah really not bad!!! make more make more!