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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Elyssa's Gymnastics Competition

Elyssa started Gymnastics at her school early this year. About 2 months ago, she went for her very first competition.

Final practice day before competition

All glam-ed up on Competition Day!
Hers was a last minute entry actually, confirmed just one week before competition day.  She missed some classes during our Adelaide holiday and on her ballet exam day. Thus, she was always in the "non-competition" group. Both groups learn the same routine, but I think there must have been more focus on the competition group.

Warm Up/ Practice Session
During the actual competition, it's 2 girls at a time.
Alas, despite practicing hard daily for that one week after her participation was known, she forgot her routine halfway.  :-(     I cringed when her partner turned and ran back (part of the routine) but she stood fixed at her spot, waiting for the music cue.  I signalled for her to run back. She saw and turned and ran, but it was too late and unfortunately a very obvious mistake.  She managed to recover and finish up her routine though.
Results came out shortly after that and she got last place. 12 out of 12.  *sigh*
Back home, poor girl cried and cried. It was so so painful to watch. :-(
She wanted to quit gymnastics classes after that. Didn't help that one of her school classmate (who also took part)  kept teasing her for getting last place. 
I was initially at a crossroad whether to let her quit or continue.  But then after thinking about it, I became quite adamant that she continues. Cos if she quits, the competition failure will always be in her mind and it will forever be a black mark. And more importantly, I didn't want her to see quitting as a solution to a problem. I waited for a week before bringing up the subject of gymnastics classes again. After a long negotiation process, we both came up with an agreement - she gets one packet of Super Ring junkfood if she continues classes for at least 2 months. And a butterfly ice-cream for Erin and herself for joining the competition. And that I walk her into the class. (sometimes I just drop her off)
She was super nervous on her first day of class after the competition!   But I was really relieved that when I picked her up, she was sweaty but all smiles, saying they got to use their ball that day.
About 2 months on, she's enjoying her gymnastics classes again. I am soooo glad that she didn't quit!  Yipee Yay Yay!  and Yay for Super Ring junkfood!  Oh, the girl who teased her for getting last place? (her initials are HCY)
Last week, Elyssa told me :  "Now I have 2 best friends in school. N and HCY!!!". 


Health Freak Mommy said...

Yay to Elyssa!! I had to chuckle at you bribing her with Super Rings HAHA! I also always bribe Cass with lollipop -- but will tell her to lick for a few minutes and throw the lolli away hehe

Stacy said...

Gahhh Super rings are so ORANGE!!

Good that everything turned out well.

Ai Sakura said...

One packet a day or just one packet?? haha..

Good that she didn't quit too. This was an important lesson to her to learn that failure isn't everything. It's ok to fall, but most important that she learns how to pick herself up :)

Adrine said...

Shireen - hehe. I'm against junk food for kids, but they sure come in handy for moments like this!

Chi2 - yup, Super Ring is wayyyyyy high on the "bad bad junk food" category. (they are pretty yummy tho!)

Ai - just one packet! I'll faint if it's a packet a day ;-) It's bright orange and it stains the fingers bright orange too. *shudder* Totally agree on the life lessons. I always tell her it's ok to fail, but the main thing is to "try and try and try". Everytime I have a baking flop, I'll tell her "mummy needs to try and try and try again too"!