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Monday, June 8, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

We had a belated Mother's Day dinner for our mum recently. Belated by almost one month actually  ;-)   Dinner was at Awet Thai in Ara Damansara.

Here are some food photos, pinched from my sis's blog -

Grilled Cockles, Mieng kam, Baked Crabs and Baked Prawns
Funny thing about the mieng kam -When the plate arrived, my dad said : "What is that? I've never had that before.  And my mum said : "Oh, I love this! I've eaten that quite a few times already". And they were both surprised how come the other person tried/ haven't tried the dish before.  Wuakakaka!

Sizzling pork, Paku salad, Grilled wings and Tom Yum Soup

Food was yummy!  And I've discovered a great way of having photos without having to stop greedily shoving food into my mouth - just hiss at someone else to take photo. Whee he hee.  All food photos were shamelessly pinched from my sis's blog.  ;-)

After dinner, we tried to take grandparents with grandkids photos....

Erin went to happily sit on Ah Mah's lap
At that point, I tot we may be able to replicate the grandkid #1,#2 etc photos taken last time

But uhm.... no, they started playing hide and sick with the camera. (should have taken a photo of that. heh)

Anyway, only managed to get a few decent photos -

With 4 grandkids
See how Erin has her arms tightly around Jensen??  Adoi. 
Will write more about that next time.   

Best photo we managed. Minus one grandkid and plus one adult  ;-)

Kids playing "London Bridge" after dinner-

The little boy from the next table kept staring at them and after a while, he came to play as well.  He was at a family dinner too, but he was the only kid among all the adults. Really grateful that my 2 girls have so many cousins to play with :-)

Looks like we'll add Awet Thai to our list of acceptable venues for family ocassions.  Oh, my brother and I went for the Great Eastern 12km run the next morning.  Note to self - do not have spicy Thai dinner before a run :-0
Happy Mother's / Grandmother's Day!


Ai Sakura said...

so nice to be able to grow up with so many cousins and siblings! sometimes I feel a little sad that Lil Pumpkin doesn't have any sibling and only one cousin to play with... :/

Stacy said...

Hoi! I spent quite a lot of time on those pics! Take photos, select, crop, copy, save as, make collage. :p :p :p Dim places don't make for good photos either.

Is it Father's day yet?