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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bali Holiday - final post

Not quite done with my Bali posts yet  ;-)  Here's the last bit -
Aside from the pool time at Kamandalu, we spent a lot of time just chilling around. One of my favourite spots was this little gazebo next to the private pool. Loved just relaxing on the mattress, choosing between the pool view on one side and hill view on the other. 
On our second night there, we decided to go for the buffet dinner cum cultural night event at the hotel. Uhmm.....forgot to take any photo of food. It was a simple buffet with not much variety, but pretty good taste wise. Much better than our dinner in Ubud the previous night.
Main highlight was the cultural performance.
We got a very good table!  Front view of performance :-)
Welcome Dance
Warrior Dance

Legong Dance

 Funny Mask Dance 

Dance with audience. Can spot me?  ;-)
At the end of the performance, the dancers pulled people from the audience to dance with them. One of the ladies approached me, so I decided to join in the fun. Few moments later (while I was focusing on the dance steps), I heard Erin crying and saw  her running towards me. Ke ke....what to do. I scooped her up and finished the dance with her in my arms.

Group Photo with Performers

An enjoyable night indeed!  And it was also the last night of our holiday.

"Another great holiday", I said to myself on our last day BUT BUT BUT, it did not end so well.  FIRST, our flight home was delayed.  Supposed to be 7pm but got delayed to 10+pm and eventually to 11+pm.  Grrrr!!  Almost four hours extra in the airport with 2 tired girls :(

and SECOND, at the baggage scanning area, the lady in front of me carelessly pulled her baggage and in the process caused hubby's heavy souvenier package (7kg decorative roof ornament) to DROP ON MY FOOT!  Blardy painful!  I couldn't walk so I ended up going to the plane in a wheelchair.  Grrrrr!!!!   One of my thoughts at that time were "I waited 4 extra @!!* hours for that plane and I'm getting on in no matter what". 

Back home, I limped around for days with my injured foot before my colleagues urged me to see a doctor.  Turned out one my toes was FRACTURED!   Bleah.....!!!   Went around limping for a few weeks after that and was advised no physical exercise for 2 months.  So on top of the pain and inconvenience (limping makes everywhere seems so far)  I put on weight as a result of that freak accident.  Bleahhhhhh!!!


Small Kucing said...

hope its better now

Unknown said...

Oh my!!! Sounds mighty serious... And may I ask, how was your hubby's decorative roof ornament (apa itu?) ... Got crack or was it fine?

Adrine said...

Kathy - yup, fully recovered already. thx!

Irene - it cracked! but luckily only at the bottom so hubby glued it up. It looks something like this :

Under the caption "For Balinese house, this kind of clay roof tiles are often used"