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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Easy "Cheat" Pizza

Last weekend, we made some easy "cheat" pizzas at home.
"Cheat" cos we used tortilla as pizza base and tomato puree straight from the can for the sauce.

Before starting
Our pizza topping : fresh button mushrooms (RM 5 per pack),  beef salami (RM5 per pack), grated cheese (RM10!!) , tomato puree (I think RM3 or 4) and chicken pieces (didn't have time to bake so I just did a quick stir fry)
Conclusion : Not that cheap!  I didn't expect the cheese to be so expensive.
Putting the pizza topping
Add more cheese
Hmmm....forgot to take photo of pizzas from the oven.  We made 4 altogether.
Time to eat!
Elyssa's response : Mummy, we make again next week ok?  please??
Quite an easy-peasy dinner for lazy weekends :-)  


Unknown said...

Pizza made from Tortilla, must be a crunchy base.

Nice one.

Adrine said...

Angeline - yup, the base was thin n crunchy. Nice!

ChloeRuoyi said...

Eh, what a coincidence, I made "tortilla pizza" last weekend too but mine was much simpler... I used canned sardine (Ayambrand one brought over from Malaysia)... mashed and stir-fried with lots of onions. For the topping, i just peeled some sliced cheddar cheese. Not bad la... We all loved the crunchy thin crust :)

Adrine said...

HL - Oh, that's a good idea. Next time I'll just use cheddar cheese. Much cheaper and I normally have it in my fridge anyway (elyssa is a big fan).

Mummy Gwen said...

Looks yummy. Never thought of using tortilla as a pizza base. I will try this next time. ;)

Mommy to Chumsy said... yummy!

Leona said...

For d adults next time, u can try marinating some chicken with curry powder and onions,,stir fry...put on d tortilla with som cheese. Yummy. Or make Japanese version cheaper. Season chicken with teriyaki sauce and fry and top with Japanese mayo

Adrine said...

Thx Leona for your yummy suggestions!