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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bali Holiday - Pool Time!

We had PLENTY of pool time during our stay in Kamandalu.
(1) Jumped into our private pool many, many times!
But no photos of us in it. It was pretty deep for the kids, so hubby and I had to attend to them all the time.
(2) Walkway to the pool (about 1 feet of water) became their play area too
We nicknamed this the "Ow Ow" place cos that's what I kept saying when I walked here. Ha ha. 
Girls liked playing with water and stones here.
(3) Bath tub /Sunken bath
Hubby and I liked this since we don't really need to watch them in the tub ;-)
Big place for them to play. A couple of times, I joined in too.
(4) We also went to the main hotel pool a couple of times
Hubs with his beer.  Forgot to take pics of girls in the kids pool.
(5) Deck chair area next to the main pool
About 1/2 feet water here. I LOVED the set-up since it was fun but safe.
Hubby swam, I relaxed on the deck chair with my book and the girls happily played ball :-)


(6) Another Hotel Pool
So green and serene.  
Really a lot of pool time. Needless to say, our swimsuits never got a chance to get dry :-)


ChloeRuoyi said...

Very nice pools, especially the private one ;) Luckily got good weather for you all to enjoy so much water play!

Adrine said...

HL - there was actually once when we were all dressed and packed (with snacks and books) for the main pool. And then it started drizzling. Aiyo. Luckily the girls didn't complain when we had to move back to the hotel bathtub :)