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Thursday, May 31, 2012

11 Months Old

Baby Erin is now 11 months old. Wow, my baby is going to reach the big O-N-E is less than a month's time!

About her:

1.  Weight - approx 9.5kg

2. Getting "naughty" these days - wants to be carried all the time!

3. Hates going to sleep. When rocked to sleep in the spring cot, she SCREAMS like she's being tortured.  But she gets very cranky if she doesn't get enough sleep. 

4. Once she even fell asleep (with her forehead on the table) during mealtime. This girl really fights off sleep until she can't fight it anymore.

5. She LOVES music. Whenever there's music, she rocks her whole body forwards & backwards, claps and smiles.  A good candidate to inherit her daddy's two thousand over CDs one day  :)

6. Likes to bite - both humans and objects!

See the bite marks on the baby cot!

 Culprit in action

7. She's quite a little "samseng". Likes to climb and clamber over anything and everything.  Need to watch her like a hawk.

8. She is finally willing to hold her own milk bottle while drinking. 

9. I noticed one good way to keep her quiet is to place many small objects into a paperbag. She will remove and explore (often involves biting) each item carefully.

Exploring Elyssa jie jie's party pack from kindy

10. Very "kaypoh" in nature but poor girl has no playmates at my parents place.  Whenever the older kids play, she likes to crawl over to them, plop her bum in the middle and then play with whatever they play too. But of course her "play" means grabbing and putting stuff into her mouth. The reaction from the older kids is often "NO! Baby No!"  and  "No!  Baby Go Away!"
My poor Erin  :( 

11. She is pretty attached to the maid now. But thank goodness I'm still number one on her list of "preferred people".  I don't think I can handle it if she chooses the maid over me!

12.  Here's another photo of my baby princess  :)
(she smiled and clapped when she heard daddy's rock music!)


MayChing said...

that is way too quick. i'm sure Erin was just a new born last time i checked!

LittleLamb said...

Happy 11th month old.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

wow, time sure flies. you must be planning for her big do huh?

Stacy said...

Eh missed seeing this post earlier. Nice one and captures the good and bad points about this baby. (Title to be upgraded to 'toddler' very soon)

Alice said...

cute girl!