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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What's in My Tummy?

Well, Elyssa thinks my 36 week pregnant belly is so big because her baby sister is getting bigger (that's what I tell her) plus two other reasons :

1) there are a lot of TOYS in my tummy that baby plays with;


2) when baby is not playing with toys, she's sleeping in her BABY COT.

I wonder what else she thinks is in my tummy???? I think she imagines that her baby sister is fully-clothed and living in a fully furnished room inside me!! ;)

Oh yeah, on a side note, she insists that I don't need a doctor cos : " When Baby sister is ready, she will crawl out by herself. Baby sister so clever hor?? And then Elyssa jie jie will clap clap and carry her to the car and then we all go home together."


Daddy said...

Hei..not sure if I've congratulate you..anyway, wife is now at her 31st week....

Mommy to Chumsy said... cute!

Anonymous said...

Aunty Luciana also clap clap,hahaha...

Take good care of u, Adrine :)

Alice said...

:P funny

Unknown said...

Did she ask you yet WHERE baby will be crawling out from?

Chinneeq said...

mummy surely has a BIG stomach house man!