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Monday, June 13, 2011

3 years, 2 months old

Elyssa is now 3 years, 2 months old!
I planned to stop her monthly updates already but having a bit of "withdrawal symptoms" so here's one more..... :)

Photos taken right after her pre-school class today

About her.

1. Weight -to be updated

2. We can finally get rid of the two potties in the house. She insists on climbing up the toilet bowl by herself when she wants to pee or poo. No complaints from hubby or myself cos it saves us the step of emptying her potty contents!

3. She is definitely very, very UN-hygenic. Despite all our nagging/scolding/smacking/pep talk etc, she still has a bad habit of touching the soles of her shoes (and other dirty stuff), then putting her fingers into her mouth, then touching her shoes again, then mouth again. Ewww!!!

4. Luckily, despite item 3 and being exposed to plenty of germs (we go out a lot and I humbly admit I'm far from being a clean freak) her immune system is pretty strong. A better track record than hubby and myself with only one dosage of antibiotics and one bout of vomiting for the past 3 years.

5. She loves going to school. During the recent 2 week school holiday, I had to tell her that all the teachers have gone on a holiday cos she insisted on going to school! And she's now pestering me to send her to "dancing class". I'll probably send her to baby ballet once her pre-paid Gymboree classes end next month.

6. She is very stubborn and likes to have things her own way so much that I sometimes wonder whether she has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)!
I give in to the routine stuff she insists on -eg : must climb up the baby chair on her own by using a normal chair placed next to it, must climb up her car seat on her own, must wear her own shoes, I must sleep on the right side of the bed with her while daddy sleeps on the left, when I refill her water bottle it must be almost full and not just half etc etc.

But I normally blow my top when there's ad hoc unreasonable demands or just a series of demands eg: must place item X in position Y, must do this, must be exactly that, must sit in a particular spot etc.
So many scenarios and here's one from last night :
She cried and wanted to wipe her tears.
I asked - Tissue? (which I had ready right next to me)? "Don't want!!" -cry-
Handkerchief? Ok -still crying-
I dragged myself out of bed to get a hanky. "Don't want Big one. I want Small one!!"-CRY-
Arrrghhh!! I started scolding. - CRY- -CRY- -CRY-
Decided to drag myself out of bed again to get another hanky. "Not this small one. This is the Wrong one. I want Another one". - CRY- -CRY- -CRY- -CRY-

I ignored her and she ended up crying for the next 30 minutes or so. Aaarghhhh!!!

7. Since I've touched the topic of "behaviour", I can really go on and on and with loads of her naughty scenarios. It's not unusual to have daily meltdowns or even a few a day. But then this will turn out into a loooong ranting rather than a monthly update post! Suffice to say that I think Terrible Twos is NOTHING compared to the Horrible Threes. But then again, I could be wrong- it may not be the Horrible Threes but a reaction to "Baby Sister is Coming Soon so Position of Queen of Universe may be Affected".
*Sigh*, then I feel guilty for being hard on my little girl.

8. Even though things may get ugly during the day, it almost always ends well. During bedtime, I try to recap the key highlights - the good (she smiles proudly at this) and the bad (mixed responses - could be a solemn nod/promise not to repeat, or a "sorry mummy" or insisting she is still right or she just acting blur!). And no matter how much I've scolded/smacked her during the day, she's always generous with her hugs, mouth to mouth kisses and "I love you mummy. I love you baby sister. Sweet dreams". That's the favourite part of my day - especially with the lights out and nice cool air from the air cond. Then mayhem starts again the following day. Hahhh!


ChloeRuoyi said...

It's the germs that make her strong! She is a fine example of the popular Chinese saying "la zha sek, la zha dai" :)

Unknown said...

I always agreed that an eldest daughter alwiz act stubborn...just like me!LoL

Stacy said...

Heh nice pigtails.

Have to achieve a balance somehow. Letting them make decisions encourages independence, and of course reduces tantrums. But let them be the boss and WE suffer!

I like the nightly recap routine. :)

Mommy to Chumsy said...

hahhaahahah...can't help laughing. Wow, her immune system is really good! Bravo Elyssa :)

LittleLamb said...

I can relate with you on the part on being fussy... like want a cloth wipe..n big size, small size, this cartoon character one.... VERY FUSSY n yim jim right... same here. sometimes i think they do it purposely to test our patience test our love for them..AND i have learn to let go. just be what he want to be. he want to cry..let him cry. i just move away...

Anonymous said...

hahaha..same with me lah...
one magic word "sorry mommy"
my heart melted dy :D

Alice Law said...

Elyssa is getting prettier day by day and she is growing up pretty well too!^^

LOL, don't worry, she certainly has no OCD! Both my kids were like tht too, very stubborn, demanding and persistent on wht thy want to do... most of the time thy ended sobbing at the corner since I too, hvg problem with stiff neck, lol(hardly giv in)!

Unknown said...

Adrine, I always love reading your detailed monthly updates. Elyssa sure has strong character and although William has some similar resemblance, eg must climb bb chair by himself, he's not very particular over other stuff and it breaks his heart to see me upset. Se.Rious.Ly. I hope it's just me, and not any other girls. Hahahaha.

But yea, think Elyssa will make a good sister and trust you are already managing her expectations and giving pap talks. I like your nightly "recap highlights".

Oliveoylz said...

Being particular about certain things is not a bad thing...In fact, it shows that she has strong will which translates to a very successful person when she grows up! She looks so cute and grown up in her school bag and pig tails!

Alice said...

it's not ocd. no need worry ar.