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Monday, June 6, 2011

Daily "Mathematics Homework"

When we were at Popular Bookstore recently, hubby passed by the kids section and suddenly had a brainwave of wanting to teach Elyssa a little bit of maths everyday. So he bought a pre-school maths workbook for his little princess.

Daddy teaching Elyssa

Look how engrossed she is!

Beaming with pride :)

So far, both daddy and daughter love this nightly activity together!

Elyssa has been proudly announcing to my parents that "you know, at night, daddy is a teacher."

It has just been a week so I hope it's not something that either of them will eventually lose interest. But I've lovin it so far - it's great that Elyssa is learning something new but I think the best part is the daddy-daughter bonding time :)


Caterina said...

Should teach her daddy math monkey way (Vedic way) n he can teach her coz it's way way easier. Otherwise send her to my centre, I accept her, exceptional case even still "underage"

Stacy said...

I think Kevin will faint from shock if told he needs to be a teacher at night. Like that where got time for his TV, playstation and Ipad??

Mommy to Chumsy said...

wow, good job to daddy and elyssa.

Unknown said...

Is good to teach her maths! I can see her colouring is good too

ChloeRuoyi said...

I think it could be the same book. Is it published in Sg and cost about RM20? Chloe's daddy bought her one out of the same reason, also in Popular, while Chloe was at Elyssa's age too ;) Sadly, it was only hangat2 tahi ayam and the nightly maths lesson was abandoned after about 30 pages :(

Alice Law said...

*clap clap!! Prouf of your girl, giv her a pat on the back mommy!