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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Visit to the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary

A few weeks back, my SIL suggested a trip to the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary for her 3 nieces. We finally made it yesterday during the Hari Raya Haji public holiday. I told Elyssa about the elephant trip early this week and she seemed excited enough. But the night before the trip, she quietly told me she didn't want to go as she was scared. Aiyo! My seemingly tough little girl is such a softie inside ;) She only agreed to go when I reassured her that daddy will carry her if she gets scared.

We went in 2 cars for the approx 2 hour journey to the Temerloh district. Stopped by at Bentong town for the famous wan tan mee and home made ice-cream.

The famous Kow Po ice-cream shop
I've never seen a local ice-cream shop before!

The ice-cream platter (RM10) hubby and I shared
We chose peanut, sweet corn, pandan and chocolate ice-cream. Nice and creamy. I didn't like the peanut flavour cos it was a tad salty but it was hubby's favourite.

After filling up our tummies, we headed straight to the elephant sanctuary.

We already pre-booked the free tickets for the entrance and rides. Wanted to watch the video presentation scheduled for 1.30pm but the viewing room was packed so we had to skip it. Just before 2pm, we walked over to the elephant site.

Big crowd waiting for the elephants
A not too happy Elyssa in her classic "nervous, so must play with belly button" position

Finally! The crowd was so excited when the elephants appeared.

Elephant Parade
I was expecting some kind of show, but there was none

Elephants taken for a quick dip in the river

After the quick dip in the river, the next activities were :

1) Elephant feeding - boxes of food (slightly rotten papaya, watermelon and cucumber cut into big chunks) were brought out so that visitors could feed the elephants.

2) Elephant riding - 2 sections : 1 for adults (on adult elephants) and 1 for kids (on baby elephants). No seats, just bareback on the elephant with the handler.

3) Water activity in the river - those with tickets could sit on the elephant backs then get dunked into the water.

Activity 1 - Feeding

Yup, that's MY hand feeding the elephant!
Elyssa (who was in daddy's arms) refused to go near the elephant so I had to resort to self photography. Quite scary when the huge elephant trunk got so close to me!

Elyssa with daddy
Ha ha.... see the scared look on her face?

Activity 2 - Riding

My 2 nieces - Chloe and Charmaine riding a baby elephant

Elyssa watching the elephant rides from afar

Elyssa and I

Activity 3 - Water activity

Watching from a distance
We had 4 tickets among us, but skipped it since we were too lazy to go through the hassle of washing up if we were to get dunked. (just look at the colour of the water!)

Other photos -

Poor baby elephant with a stump for one of the legs.

Me touching the baby elephant.
Very hairy!

After the elephant sanctuary, we went back to KL for an early dinner back. Took this simple but sweet photo of Elyssa and her Chloe jie jie. Elyssa absolutely adores this jie jie!


Alice Law said...

Wow, very informative post about Elephant sanctuary! We had Kow Po ice cream too during our last visit, not bad!

Have a nice day!

MeRy said...

Such a nice trip..

Mummy Gwen said...

I have read about this place from other bloggers. That's very interesting. I think Elyssa is still too young..that's why she is scared. I'm impressed with your self photography skill. :)

Oliveoylz said...

I can't stop laughing at that cute little classic belly button pose of hers...She always does that when she's nervous? How cute! Well, I think even though she was scared of the elephant, it was definitely educational for her to see a life-sized elle!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

kakakakakkakaakakakakak....Elyssa is still doing the belly button thingy? Too cute :D

Anonymous said...

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u can leave comments and if interested can follow my blog :)

LittleLamb said...

how come she has fear towards elephants? is it thru tv (cartoon)..etc??

Caterina said...

i dun blame elyssa for being scared.. those elephant are huge. i remember my up close experience with an elephant was in phuket zoo, and yes, i was scared too, even justin was scared.

Unknown said...

lovely! reminds me of phuket... wah, here riding on the elephant without seats ahh... must be very very pokey, right? at least you're brave enough to touch the elephants !

cre8tone said...

Lots n lots of elephants! Wow!

ZMM said...

Didn't jump into the river and swam with the elephants?

My girls all hopped in when the elephants went in. :-|

I was worried about the poops but have to jump in to just in case they slipped and fell.