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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mother's Birthday

Celebrated my mum's birthday at a Korean Restaurant in Kota Damansara last Saturday. 3 weekends late actually, since the 1st weekend was too close to my birthday meal and then my bro had his wisdom teeth taken out close to the 2nd weekend. Well.... better late than never!

I forgot to take photos of the food itself. Partly cos I was busy eating and partly cos it was quite a "stressful" dinner. Stressful cos the waiter was hurrying in and out bbq'ing some of the food and it took many, many attempts before we got some refills for the side dishes. Seriously... he took 10 minutes to refill just a few side dishes or add tea, but when I asked for a menu to order additional dishes, he was back in like 20 seconds AND he patiently stood behind me while I looked through the menu. Hmpph!

Food itself was pretty good though.

Anyway, I only remembered to take photos when it was time to cut the cake. Wanted a nice photo of my parents and their 4 grand kids, but it was not easy indeed!

Attempt 1 - "Ah Kong" and the 2 babies not looking at the camera. Elyssa looking at Justin

Attempt 2 - Jo Ern seems fascinated with Jensen's green pants. Justin not looking at the camera

Attempt 3 - Justin looking at Jo Ern. Elyssa dunno looking where.

Ok, I give up! Not easy to have a nice photo with FOUR kids under five years old.

Other photos of the night :

Elyssa and Jo Ern "sayang" each other by knocking their foreheads together

Then Justin's turn

The busy grandparents.
All four kids are very attached to their "Ah Kong" and "Ah Mah" :)


LittleLamb said...

Happy Belated Birthday Adrine :)

Mummy Gwen said...

Happy Belated Birthday To Your Mum! Yes it's not easy to take pics of small kids..hehe.

Caterina said...

the 3rd attempt could have been a nice pix with ah mah, ah kong and jensen looking at a camera and smiling away... well, like u said not easy. and i never realise that jensen's pants drew so much attention to jo ern.. hahaha... his funny looking pants..

Stacy said...

Hehe love the comparison photos! Yours are much better than mine as in more people are looking at the camera. Lemme check again... ya confirmed... in the best photo I have, NOBODY is looking at the camera!

I think the 'sayang' action is to PUT foreheads together, not KNOCK foreheads together!!

Stacy said...

Oh, birthday girl looks nice in all 3 photos. :)

Unknown said...

Wah, ah kong & ah mah got so many cucu de...must be the happiest thing eva.

Unknown said...

@little lamb, not adrine's bday lar... it's Adrine's MOM... hehehe...

eh, so when r u giving your mom her bday present? ; )

Adrine said...

Rachel / Irene - ha ha. yes. I know I'm not too consistent - sometimes I say "my mother", sometimes I say "ah Mah" but referring to the same person! But my birthday was also in Oct :)

Mummy Gwen - Ya loh. One already hard enuf. 4 if just give up!

Cat - I actually have even more attempts on my camera. Yes....Elyssa also asked me why Jensen wearing pyjamas. He he.

Chi2 - Originally wanted to pinch from your blog then noticed mine was better!! Ya, mama looks nice in all.

Angeline - Yup, all 4 keeps them happy but also very busy :)

LittleLamb said... english so bad ar? Adrine, you had ur birthday too right.. So rightly, I should wish you and your mom Happy Birthday..

Alice Law said...

Hhe... it's never been easy to take any kid's photos, good attempts anyway!

Happy belated Birthday to your mom!

2ma said...

its nvr easy to take a nice and decent photo of kids, with all of them facing the camera & smiling :(