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Thursday, October 22, 2009


During our short trip to Port Dickson last weekend (will write about it in my next entry), I tried letting Elyssa self-feed herself at breakfast time. To my utmost surprise, she had no trouble feeding herself! Relatively mess-free too.

Great thing was that I could enjoy my breakfast without her saying "EAT" every few minutes. ;)

What she self-fed herself :
1. Porridge with cut-up boiled egg & baby corn.
2. Plain yoghurt with cut-up papaya & watermelon.

Since that day, my mum has let Elyssa self-feed her daily porridge. Still need to assist her a little (this greedy girl has a tendency to take TOO much in one spoonful !) and of course it's a bit more messy, but overall she does a pretty good job. Way to go Elyssa !!


Mummy Gwen said...

Bravo Elyssa! She is very smart indeed. I'm still feeding my girl..hehe.

Merryn said...

Left-handed eh? clever girl!

I'm in da same club as Mummy Gwen, still feeding ethan! hehehe..

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Yay!!! Good job, Elyssa :) If only Ashley loves food as much as you do :D

LittleLamb said...

Very good..
Perhaps u wanna put a bib so that her pretty dresses wont get ruin... UNLESS she dislike bibs.

Unknown said...

way to go elyssa!!

2ma said...

good job elyssa!!!

Lana said...

hehe, so cute, is she left handed? i totally agree on the bibs, i'm pro bib's at eating time

andrewjune said...

that's a great achievement! initially they will create a mess, but when they get hold of it, there will be less mess!

maybe you can try using a plastic bib so her top won't get dirty easily.

anyway, she looks like a pro holding the spoon :-) no worries, she will get it right soon!

Adrine said...

Mummy Gwen/ Barbara/Irene/Jasmine - This greedy girl will do anything for FOOD. ;)

Merryn /YC - I didn't realise until I saw your comments! Nowadays, I try to switch to her right hand when she eats. She seems to be comfortable either way.

Rachel/YC/June - yaloh,I didn't pack enough bibs for that trip. Next time, I need to make sure that I pack one of the plastic bibs besides the normal cloth bibs.

Julie said...

Clever girl. Now mommy and daddy can have a peaceful meal time. Don't worry about the mess. It's the price you have to pay for her to learn self-feeding. Can start teaching her how to use fork too.