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Monday, November 10, 2008

Standing Up

" Look mummy, I can stand"

"The view up here is better!"

This is quite a belated post, as I took this photo of Elyssa standing up in her baby cot about 2 weeks ago. Ke keh... but better late than never!
At that time the photo was taken, she couldn't get into the standing position by herself but could stay there if I pull her up. These days she can pull herself up already. No more leaving her alone in the playpen during a nappy change these days. I don't think that she can actually climb out yet but after the incident where she fell from the bed, I've gotten more paranoid.


andrewjune said...

soon she will be walking ehh...

Daddy said...

My Ryan just rolled over. Waiting to capture the moment that he will be able to stand...

Mummy Gwen said... fast can stand already. Good job, Elyssa! :)

shooi said...

wuah! 6 mths nia oredi standing! You have a fast one there ;)