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Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Things

We went shopping whole of Saturday came back exhausted and with a stroller full of shopping bags. I bought a simple top, hubby bought some socks and the rest of the loot was for none other than the little princess!

What we bought for her-

1. VTech Elephant Stacking Wheel - RM 79.90
2. Bruin Busy Wheeler - RM 26.95
3. Nattou Baby Elephant with Clip - RM 29.95
4. FurReal Baby Lion toy - RM 20.00
5. Pigeon Training Cup - RM 27.00
6. 3 Usborne Story books - RM 23.80 for 3
( Goldilocks & the 3 Bears, 3 Little Pigs, the Little Red Hen)

Elyssa posing with her new things -

"Mine, all mine....! "

After taking the photos, I logged on to my computer and was glued to Facebook for a while. She didn't fuss so I just assumed that she was happy playing with her new toys.

Well, I looked down after a while and realised that she wasn't playing with her new toys, but was fascinated with something else -

"This bottle is interesting"

5 minutes later -

"This is a fun toy"

10 minutes later -

"This toy is the best"
Hmmmm..... mebbe we should just stay away from Toys 'r Us for a while...


Daddy said...

HAHAHA. I'm trying to stop myself and my wife from buying toys for Ryan liow. You know why? Because the best toy that he likes to play with is DADDY and MOMMY. Play us until we want to pengsan already...sigh

Mommy to Chumsy said...

muhahahahaa..this is too funny. guess she prefers a simple, inexpensive water bottle eh? later, she'll go for car keys, remote controls and handphones :D when ashley was at that stage, we tried to buy her toy handphone or toy remote control but she only wanted the real ones :(

Fussy mum said...

wow! you got her so many toys and books. Hopefully, all these will keep her occupied for some time. But as at now, baby Elyssa is just so captivated with the plastic cute!!

LittleLamb said... many toys..

Chinneeq said...

Hi Adrine,

thanks for dropping by my blog. Elyssa is so lucky to get so many new toys in just one day! u know, last time i always try to refrain myself from buying toys for me first child, worried that she will have lots of toys build up soon in my house. true enough, just one birthday celebration, she get lots of toys building up high in one corner of my living hall now!

cre8tone said...

Wow!~ Elyssa is so lucky!~ got so many new toys!~

Julie said...

Eh, Jonathan has the same Bruin Busy Wheeler that keeps in occupied while on the stroller and Pigeon training cup.

Yeah, adults "toys" are more interesting than their own toys.

mom2ashley said...

she sure is one lucky girl....

andrewjune said...

wow, so many toys to keep her entertained...
well kids get bored easily with the toys (even new ones!)
i always keep rachael's toys in batches, so she wont get bored over them easily!

2ma said...

haha! usually the parents are the excited ones, while the kids have short attention span.

btw i have a tag for you. hop over to my blog to check it out

Jess said...

we only buy 1 toy at 1 time, no more no less...LOL

your girl so lucky!

sweetytots said...

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