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Monday, November 24, 2008


I bought some books for Elyssa recently as I read somewhere that it's never t0o early to start a bed-time reading routine. Apparently it's a good way to encourage kids to like books and its a good bonding exercise.

I started with the book "3 Little Pigs" about a week ago. When I first read it (in an animated tone, of course!) I think she didn't quite understand what was going on cos she continued whatever she was doing then. So I used my fingers to point to the words as I read, just to indicate to her that I was using the book. That finally got her attention. But then she started to grab the pages to put into her mouth. That's my greedy gal!

I did it again on the 2nd night and I was so tickled that she laughed out loud when I said in my big bad wolf voice - "I'll HUFFF and I'll PUFFF and I'll BLOW your house down". I repeated that line a few times and each time was rewarded with her laughter. Hubby said the same thing while rocking her left and right, and she laughed out even louder. That was such a joyful time. Whatever stress I had that day just melted away.

Since then, I've been reading to her every night. The other phrases that she likes are:
"LITTLE Pigs, LITTLE Pigs. Let me in" - Big Bad Wolf voice
"No. Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin " - Little Pig voice

but her favourite is still the "I'll HUFFFFF and I'll PUFFFFF and I'll BLOW your house down".

This nightly reading time is now something hubby and I look forward to every day :)


2ma said...

toddlers are attracted to colorful pictures. so, look for those story books which are colorful. usually when we read, we create our own story coz we are lazy to read line by line *hehe* the key is animating the story. have fun!!!

MayChing said...

yeah, reading to them is great! I recommend "The Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle. It is colourful, teaches, lots of concepts and is No. 2 on the Times top 50 children's books list.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

ahhh...that's a good habit :) Do you also flash cards to her?

Mummy Gwen said...

That's a good start in cultivating reading to Elyssa. When she laughs it's just make your heart melts right..haha

andrewjune said...

i remember that's featured in one of barney's DVDs...hehehe...
whenever the wolf says "I'll HUFFF and I'll PUFFF and I'll BLOW your house down", rachael will start screaming...she doesnt like the wolf obviuosly! hehehe...

Fussy mum said...

that's is never too early to inculcate reading. Have fun reading to her and hope she'll grow to love books :)

Kristie said...

elyssa is super adorable!!!!! feel like cubit-ing her hhehhe, dont mind we xchange blogs ya? :)

leeyen said...

i started the bedtime reading routine since my boy was so young. And now he insists to go into the bookstore to look for some story books whenever we do our shopping! :)

Adrine said...

2ma - Yeah, quite often I skip pages and go quickly to her favourite huff-puff part!

MC - Thx for the tip. I'll look out for the Hungry Caterpillar.

Mummy to Chumsy - I've not progressed to flashcard yet. Is now a good age to start?

Mummy Gwen - totally agree on the heart-melting part :)

AndrewJune - I guess I'm a more friendly bad wolf compared to the Barney version!

Fussy Mum - Yup, I hope she'll love books as much as I do.

Kristie - Thanks, and I'll add you too.

Lee Yen - Good for your boy to like books!