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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Phuket Family Holiday - March 2018 (Day 1 and 2)

*blow cobweb again*

I miss updating my blog! So many things to write about but just no time to update (ok, lazy also and it's hard to start again once the momentum is gone) 

Instead of backdating, I'll just start with the recent updates. 

Came back from a 4D, 3N holiday in Phuket just last week. Free stay at Marriott Vacation Club. Yipeeeee!  Only condition was a 90 minute talk.  We signed up about 8 years back so this was a refresher cum upsell talk. And just like the last time, my parents were coming along too. Yay! 

Day 1  
Our flight was only at 2pm so we had plenty of time to have breakfast and for last minute packing. 
But......woke up in the morning with a Whatsapp message from my dad to call him.  Aiyo, can't be good!  The evening before, he said he had a bad muscle strain at the neck and shoulder area. When I called back he said it didn't get better and worse still, he had a bad allergy reaction to the painkiller he took at night. Lips got swollen and he developed rashes.  Boo hoo hooo..... so both Papa and Mama decided to forgo the trip.  :-((((((((((((((

4 of us carried on. 

Aerotrain in KLIA
The girls love it when they get to sit at the front carriage.
Check in was a breeze that day and since we had extra time, we went from Point A to Point B, back to Point A and then B again! 

What I love about Phuket is the short flight - only 1 hour and 10 minutes! And with the 1 hour time difference, we arrive pretty much the same time as our departure time. Passing through Thai immigration was a breeze as well.  We loaded up on snacks at 7-11, found our transport (included in the free 4D,3N stay) and off we went to Marriott Vacation Club.

While hubby did the check in, I brought the girls to the Kids Room.

"Rock-climbing" activity
Managed to catch the tail end of this session. Wall a bit low for Erin but ok la.. she still enjoyed it.  Both girls went up twice. 

Lazed at the apartment and then went swimming in the evening.

Love the pool ! 

Kids play area with water slide 

Went for dinner at Thai Express at Turtle Mart area. Pretty expensive and not particularly good. After dinner, walked around a bit and then went back apartment to laze somemore.  Wine, tv, ipad and snacks  :-)    Hey, meant to be a relaxing holiday!

Then went to Zzzzzz.

--End of Day 1 --

Day 2 
Good morning Day 2!  I managed to go for a morning swim. Yay!

Leisurely Breakfast 

Then we took a buggy to Marriot Hotel to listen to the 90 minute talk. Girls got to play at the kids room there. We ended up not signing up for any extra points - perfectly happy with what we purchased previously (price has gone up 40%! We have turned down offers to buy from us) but not willing to invest in extra points either.

After the talk, we picked up our rented car at the vacation club.

THB 1,300 for Toyota Vios for 24 hours

And off we went to explore!  It was a HOTTTT day though.  Aiks.

Phuket Town
A lot quieter compared to Patong town.  Reminds me of Ipoh actually. 

Simple Noodle Lunch 

Did I mention it was a HOTTTT day???   Stopped by an ice-cream place.

Posing while waiting for our ice-cream to arrive. 

Ice-cream was good!
My fav was the cold vanilla ice-cream on a warm skillet cookie.  Yumz. 

Went shopping at the Premium Outlet Mall after that. Nah....not particularly interesting either. Not many sales going on and it was a HOT day.  But I was still pleased with my one and only purchase. An Adidas sports bag with a completely separate zippered compartment for my laptop.  Ah!  Exactly what I was looking for!

Stumbled upon Baan Teelanka Upside Down House after shopping. Ok, decided to give it a go.

Tornado Coming!!!  Hang on tight to the Toilet Bowl! 

I can't find my girls!  Anyone seen them?? 

Hang on to the bed!  

Hang on to the fridge door!  Girls... hang on to daddy !!!

Look mummy.... don't wory if the floor is dirty. We'll just walk on the ceiling. No sweat! 

Exterior of Upside Down House 
Pretty fun place! 

We decided to head back to Phuket town for dinner.

Nice picture spot

Yummilicious Dinner
Tom Yum soup, Tamarind prawns, braised pork and crabmeat omelet. 

Live music during dinner 
The lady singer was really good. So pretty too! 

Mango Sticky Rice for dessert
This was so good!  Huge portion as well. We ended up eating half and doggy bagged half which I ate for breakfast the following morning.  So happy with my breakfast  :-) 

After dinner, we drove to Patong town.

Happening night scene. 
Started to rain so we just parked and walked at Jungceylon shopping center. 

Junkfood shopping at Big C 

After a hot and sticky day out, it was good to go back to a lovely apartment.

My favourite place - huge bathroom in the master bedroom
Complete with big bathtub and His & Hers washbasins. 

Living area
Exactly the same as when we came last time.  Still very well maintained. 

2nd bedroom
Erin fast asleep here. 

Our snack haul :-) 

Showered, tv time and then Zzzzzz.....

 --- End of Day 2 --

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