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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Erin is 6 !

Yay!  5 day long weekend.  Time to catch up on blogging...

My small princess is now 6 years old!  Last birthday in kindy so this will probably be the last time we have party packs

Packing party packs with jie jie 

Glow in the dark stickers, erasers, stencil, pencil etc 

Wanted to buy her a cake. About to drive out after dinner but then she asked "Mummy, aren't you going to bake my birthday cake? Aiyoo,how to say no like that? 
So headed straight to my kitchen instead to bake a chocolate cake. (already bought the ingredients earlier as planned to bake, then changed plan cos came home late that day) 

Erin's birthday celebration in kindy 
Took photo with all her classmates too, but not so proper to post here. 

On that weekend, we had a family birthday celebration for Erin.

 In her Red Kebaya
I love this outfit! 

With Ah Kong
Ppl say Erin looks like me.  Ppl also say I look like my Papa.  So does Erin look like her Ah Kong?  :-)

More Photos 

Another birthday celebration - this round, we went to Naughty Nuri's with my parents. 

Birthday song and dance for the birthday girl. 
But birthday girl wasn't in the mood that day! 

Last round of birthday celebration - Hub's side of the family couldn't make it earlier, so we had another dinner. Porkie ribs again at Morganfields. 


Happy 6th birthday my small princess!  You are naturally such a sweet and lovely girl, with a smile that lights up your face and warms our hearts.  We love you to the moon and back  :-) 

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