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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Elyssa's 3rd Gymnastics Competition

Elyssa went for her 3rd gymnastics competition recently.

Make Up Session in the morning
I'm such a noob at this - happily paid RM 20 for make up and hair. (done by other mummies, $$ went back to the gymnastics club) 

All Glam-ed Up ! 
Another RM 60 went to rental of her leotard. 
She did 2 routines that day - Rope and Hoop. 

With her hoop

No photos of her doing the actual routine.  She didn't even want me to watch! She said it will make her nervous and asked me to go home.  Haiz!  I actually peeped a little from the side during the first routine.  Then left before the second.  I was hesitating actually...went to my car, drove out of my spot and was about to go back in when I saw another car waiting for my spot. Then drove off but nearly wanted to u-turn when I was halfway. Haha.. perhaps I was more nervous than her!

Came back about 2 hours later. Pretty good results actually! 4th for rope, 6th for hoop and 4th for overall placing.  Yay to my Elyssa!!  I was suuuper proud and happy for her. So proud that she soldiered on.

I will never forget the rainy evening at home after her first competition - when she sobbed and sobbed with me on our house staircase,  after she forgot her routine and got last place. At the time, she said she never wanted to try gymnastics again.
3 years on, more than anything, I am happy that instead of quitting, she picked herself up after the last fall and walked on - stronger than before.

Almost made it to the podium! 

Happy with her medals!  
She received a hamper as well.

Way to go Elyssa!!!  She's now pretty fired about her gymnastics now.  Next competition is in November. Will be Erin's first as well.  Fingers crossed all will turn out well :-) 


Ai Sakura said...

Yay congrats to her! Yes, I think the most important lesson she learnt was to not give up and continue on.. see how much she has improved! Good luck to both of them in the Nov comp :)

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Health Freak Mommy said...

Wow, bravo Elyssa! Congrats! Am very sure that soon you'll be up the podium, making your mummy really really super proud of you!

Small Kucing said...

Bravo! aiks... didnt let u look ah. Shy?