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Monday, October 31, 2016

Albany Holiday - Day 6

Good morning Day 6!  Made a day trip to Denmark.

First stop of the day was the Denmark Alpaca Farm.  But it started to rain when we got to the carpark  :-( 

So, we de-toured to the nearby cheese farm instead. 

Denmark Farmhouse Cheese  
Just look at the gloomy skies! 

Erin enjoying a cheese sample 

Had to wait for rain to stop...... so what to do? Drink coffee, drink wine and posed for camera loh  :-)

I like Papa's expression here!
Girls got themselves busy with their colouring books and pencils

After about an hour or so, the rain stopped so we went back to the alpaca farm again.  To exact, it's called Pentland Alpaca Stud & Animal Farm.

Hungry Goats 

Main Stars of the farm - Alpacas!

So cute! 

Here's some food for you, Mr Goat! 

Pat, Pat, Pat 

Pat, Pat somemore 

Such a furry calf! 

Erin holding a black rabbit
Ooops... looks like she's strangling the poor bunny! 

Sleepy Koala 

Next stop - lunch @ The Lake House

Quick photo before we eat 

Mixed Platter
Somehow, a bit too "exotic" for us.  Don't really know how to appreciate it!

Beautiful lake just outside the lunch area 

Girls made a new friend! The little girl shared some grains for the ducks with them. 
Had a mini drama when the container of grains fell into the water! Luckily hubby managed to fish it out in time. 

Daddy with Elyssa and Erin 
There was a second drama by the lake. Papa took out his phone to snap a photo and suddenly....... PLOP, it fell right into the lake !!!!  Sank right down so there was no hope of retrieval :-( 

Ah Kong and Ah Mah with Elyssa & Erin
Just look at the dark skies! Started to rain again shortly after photo was taken

Next stop - Singlefile Winery.  
Raining quite heavily at this point, so we just lounged on the sofas in front of the fireplace. (lit with real firewood!) 

Our Coffees and Hot Chocolate

Hubs with his wine 

Dinner for Day 6 ; Pasta, Soup and Pork Slices
(took shortcut for the pork - bought pre-marinated pork slab, chucked into oven to bake and then slice up before serving).  Vege soup was super sweet at this point since it had pork bones from the day before.  My parents commented dinner was better than our pricey lunch! hehe. 


Stacy said...

Oo love cute furry animals!

Such a bummer when it rains when you're on holiday.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Wow traveling again!! Your girls are super lucky :)