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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Speech Therapy for Erin

We started Erin on her speech therapy again. She has improved quite a fair bit, but still slow for her age.

Last Saturday was her 3rd session (my first one as the previous 2 were on weekdays), and the therapist focused on 3 sounds:
a) H  :  Ha-Ha-Ha, Hu-Hu-Hu, Hee-Hee-Hee.
b) P   : uP, iP, oP, eP
c) K   : Khhhh.  Ke, Ka, Ki, Ku, Ko

Erin was quite ok with the first 2. With practice, I think she should be able to master it eventually.

The "K" sound is tough tho! The therapist used a tongue depressor (like an ice-cream stick) to press down the tongue so Erin didn't quite like that.

Session in Progress
Luckily, Erin is pretty comfortable with the therapist.

Feeling the air for the "H" sound
Hopefully she will progress fast. Need to remind myself to spend some time daily to go through the speech exercises with her!


Ai Sakura said...

Good luck in her progress! How long must she be in this program for?

Health Freak Mommy said...

Is Erin on the pacifier? When Alycia, my eldest was 2YO (now she's 12YO and always arguing with me!), we brought her to see a speech therapist too (at SYMC) as her pronunciation was quite bad. The first question that the speech therapist asked me was whether Alycia still used the pacifier. We got rid of the pacifier and within a few weeks, she could pronounce the words that she could not pronounce properly. We also did some mouth and tongue exercises with her. All the best and dont worry la. Some kids are a tad slow but they will pick up and win the race! :)

Adrine said...

Ai - There is no specific program actually. They have her records and we are supposed to bring her weekly. But we had to change to bi-weekly since the therapists only works alternate Saturdays.

Shireen - but Erin has never used the pacifier wor :-( The problem we have now is she refuses to do the mouth and toungue exercises at home. Arrghh!

ChloeRuoyi said...

Yes, the K sound is not easy to pronounce. Chloe was quite an early talker and her first intelligible speech was at around age 1. However, she had difficulty pronouncing the "k" sound (she pronounced it as "t" instead) and couldn't say K until very much later. For nearly 3 years, her grandpa was called "toong toong" and there were many other funny names that we just laughed it off haha. I'm sure Erin will one day get it too so don't fret lah. As for pressing the tongue down like that, who wouldnt protest? I would too, if I were her ;)