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Monday, May 11, 2015

Australia Holiday - Day 7 (Part 1)

Our last day at Links Lady Bay Resort!   :-(     (but luckily still one more day to go for this holiday)

With a heavy heart we bade farewell to our apartment...

Cleaning up for the last time

Some photos not posted earlier -

Our outdoor patio with view of swimming pool and tennis courts. 
We never got a chance to swim in the pool tho. The water was unheated and despite it being hot on certain days, the water was still far too cold to swim.

The playground that the girls loved 

We spent some time at Yankalilla town again, because hubby wanted to go the Buy-Sell Exchange shop AGAIN.

His favourite shop!

While he shopped, I brought the girls for hot chocolate at the nearby Yankalilla bakery.

Latte for me, Hot choc for them to share and a chocolate slice

Outside view of the bakery. Love the blue skies!

After he was done, we strolled down the street.

Spotted this lovely sewing shop

Went to another shop and the girls spotted chocolate!

Elyssa chose an Easter Bunny Choc while Erin chose an Easter Egg
Elyssa started a chocolate conversation - "Bunny Bunny" talking to "Egg Egg" here.  :-)

Passed by the furniture shop again
Can spot the yellow chicken mascot which the girls took photo the day before?

Another photo of the buy-sell exchange place
Before we got into the car, he made this last purchase of an old style picnic basket, complete with cups, plates and cutlery. Can't remember the price exactly, I think it was AUD 11.

And then, off we went again...

Some pics taken along the way-

Destination for the day was Carrick Hill, a 20th century heritage home musuem and garden, previous home of Sir Edward and Lady Ursula Howard.

Elyssa at the entrance

With my 2 girls

The house tour was at 2.30pm so we had an hour plus to kill. No probs at all cos the garden was just beautiful!

Had our picnic lunch there. It was a weekday so we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves.

My sandwich - Bacon (yes, bacon again!), egg, ham and salad, with bbq sauce dressing. Yumz!

What's a picnic lunch without a bag of chips?  hehe.

"Here's mine!"

Just chilling....

There was little slope and the girls rolled down and climbed up over and over again!

Soon, it was time for the house tour.

Clockwise : Grand Dining Room, Fireplace (with original flower painting by Nora Heyson, whose house/studio we went 2 days before), Bedroom and Upstairs Area (this one reminded me of a typical Peranakan house)
The guided tour was just us and an Aussie couple. Girls got a little restless so I brought them around the house while hubby listened to the guide. He's more interested in historical details than me anyway. heh.

Clockwise : Living area, Kitchen, Foyer and Garden View from inside.

Bye-Bye Carrick Hill!  

--to be continued-- 


Ai Sakura said...

wow that looks like a grand place!

I like to shop at the thrift shops too! Sometimes they have really good stuff. I think the picnic basket set was a good buy at A$11 :P

Small Kucing said...

Wah syoknya pi holiday. Both of the kids looks so excited