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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Books and School

I love tip-sharing in Facebook and Whatsapp groups!  Did this for Elyssa recently :-

Colour Coded Books according to Timetable
Makes book-packing a breeze!  Why didn't I know this when I was in school last time?? I explained to Elyssa how it works and told her she is responsible for packing her own books  :-)    (ok lar....i'll still monitor at the beginning)
So far so good for Elyssa in government school.  Her class teacher has created a whatsapp group for all the parents in her class. Super, super love it!  So far, the teacher has been very active in answering all sorts of question from parents - need to fill up what form, which books to bring, confirmation of names for name tag, what to wear since since sports t-shirt still not ready etc etc. 
Such a dedicated teacher!!  I know it's too early to do a dance of joy, but I am really glad Elyssa got this teacher as her class teacher. She's stern enough in class (which is essential cos the class is pretty big) but also gives out mini chocolates (ok, could be one-off)  and stars (there's a star chart for each student) for good behaviour/performance.
I've heard so many horror stories about chinese school, but I somehow have a good feeling that Elyssa will survive well in Standard 1.  *touchwood*  *fingers crossed!*   


Yee Ling said...

Good to know the teacher has created the Watsapp Group. I salute her for dedicating the time for the group chat.

Small Kucing said...

She sounds like a very good teacher. Good for her

Stacy said...

Wow big difference from Justin's lousy teacher.

Where you get the label thingys?

mun said...

The books are so colourful now, so pretty but the best is the colours help with the packing.

Ai Sakura said...

Good tip for the books! Must remember to do that when Lil Pumpkin goes primary school next year.

Glad to know your girl has such a dedicated teacher too :)

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

tamo said...

Hi. thank you for the tip which I think very useful for Special Needs kids especially. asking for your permission to put this pix in my ADHD assignment please. thank you!