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Friday, May 9, 2014

Playground Fun

Few times a week (and when it doesn't rain), my mum brings her grandkids to the playground. They absolutely love their playground time!

Managed to take some of these happy photos few weeks back -

Just look at their expressions !

Swings and see saw

My mum includes "running time" too!  Cos she says exercise is good for the kids.

Lil Monkeys on the monkey bar  ;-)

This was taken on another day - climbing "up the moutain" as they like to call it.

The kids are definitely a lucky lot!   :-)


Stacy said...

Y'know, I was just thinking this morning it'd be easier for me if I send my kids to a nearby babysitter. Then I thought, who else would take such good care of them - meals on time, snacks at teatime, ordered daily routine, playground time, 'report' on their doings. And thought that, yep, this is the best!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

It's wonderful that grandma and grandkids get some exercise and bonding time :) Nothing like some fresh air and sunshine huh?

Leona said...

Wow...your mum sure has loads of energy with so many little kids running around!