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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Elyssa's 6th Birthday Party

We originally planned a home birthday celebration for Elyssa's 6th birthday (at her request) but last minute had to change it to an outside event cos I had a Mon-Sat training to attend. In the end, we chose McDonalds to have her party.  Invited our family members plus some neighbours.

Photos from the birthday lunch -

The only food photo I took

Birthday Girl enjoying her Fries

Playing Games after Lunch

The only thing I did this round was to bake a cake for her.  She requested for a Barbie cake-

My first attempt using fondant!  

Posing with her Birthday Cake
I know it's not obvious, but her outfit was supposed to match her Barbie cake:
a) White top 
b) Pink and White layered skirt - I sewed the skirt for her! 
c) Pink tiara (Oops, not in this particular photo) 
d) Necklace

 Side track a bit - found a photo with their matching tiaras  :-)

 Pose before cake cutting  

Daddy, Mummy & Elyssa
Notice the birthday banner at the back? My SIL bought it for Erin's first birthday. We've used it 3 times since that day - Erin's 2nd birthday, Elyssa's 5th birthday and now Elyssa's 6th birthday. We just change the number in the middle each time  :-)

 Elyssa with cousins Chloe and Charmaine jie jie

Birthday Girl
 Happily taking balloon decorations after the party

Elyssa with the McDonalds logo
Elyssa declared her birthday as "the BEST birthday party EVER"!


Small Kucing said...

Happy Birthday Elyssa

LOL...blessing in disguise. Less tiring for you and the kids can play from afternoon to night

Ai Sakura said...

Yay Happy Birthday Elyssa! :)
Think you did a great job with your first attempt at the Barbie doll cake!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka