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Friday, November 29, 2013

Weekend Camp at Radiant Retreats - Part 2

--continued from Part 1--

One of the main highlights of the weekend retreat was spend the night in an actual tent. Girls were mighty excited!

After brushing our teeth at the bungalow, we headed for the tent that hubby set up that morning.

Playing with torchlight and shadows in the tent
They loved it!

After playing and singing for a while, then came the tricky part - getting the girls to actually SLEEP. I was actually kinda worried before the trip.  What if Erin can't sleep? What if she fusses/cries/screams at night and wakes up everyone else in the campsite? Luckily, nothing dramatic of that sort happened. Though it was far from a good nights sleep. (my own bed at home felt sooooo good the next night!). After all, it was still a tent!  Enough said  ;-)

Next morning, girls woke up bright and early-

Enjoying view from the tent
They were pretty keen to get out to explore but we asked them to sit and enjoy the view for a while first. Trying to get few more minutes of sleep. hehe.

Walking around Campsite

Walking to the bungalow to wash up

After washing up, we headed down for breakfast - 
Nasi Lemak spread for breakfast

After breakfast, we were informed there was going be round 2 of the "Create with Nature" art activity as the ones made the day before were too wet. Ah well..... it was a pity we didn't take a photo of the art we created (hand print for Erin and smiley face for Elyssa).  But kids were more than happy to do it again.

Morning Nature Walk
Kids collected pretty flowers and ferns for their art activity. The camp director also explained about the various plants.

Elyssa hard at work with her art

And of course Erin didn't want to be left out  ;-)

Their art

--- to be continued --
(time to sleep now!)


Ai Sakura said...

Such a nice adventure.. been ages since I slept in a tent. My parents used to bring us camping when I was a kid :)

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Mommy to Chumsy said...

This is so much fun! I must check this out for next year. My hubby has been wanting to go camping with us for the longest time. Me on the other hand is not too looking forward to it...sleeping in the tent, the mozzies...etc. btw, do you have to bring your own pillows and blankets?

Adrine said...

Ai - how nice! wish I did that as a kid too.

Barbs - I think this is an excellent camp for first timers. Close to nature, but with modern comforts. I don't think I can survive hardcore camping! hehe. For each family, we were provided with a tent, an inflatable mattress and 2 sleeping bags. We brought our own cushions and blankets.