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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Decorating Cookies

Decided to give cookie decorating a try recently.
As usual, Elyssa was eager to be involved. I used plastic squeeze bottles instead of piping bags cos I think it's easier to handle.
Decorating her own cookie
 So focused !
My cookies - "Outline" version
Not bad for a first timer eh?
"Flooded" version
Keke....and this is where all the imperfections are obvious! Partially due to lack of equipment too, cos the piping nozzle I have is too big. Plus I only have ONE nozzle.  So when I switched between the pink and yellow icing, I had to wash and dry it first.  Oh yeah, and then had to take turns with Elyssa for that ONE nozzle  :)
Best part - eating!
Since I still had plenty of leftover royal icing, I did a second round of cookie baking and decorating the following weekend.  My 2 nieces stayed overnight with us and they were happy to join in the fun too.
Elyssa with her cousins
I bought a new plastic squeeze bottle from Daiso but it was not that good
Using toothpick to do touch-ups
My simple outline cookies
Really need to go and buy a proper nozzle!
Just for fun :-)

Rather fun and addictive!  Gonna bake another batch of cookies to decorate this weekend.  But before that, I really need to get some blue colouring and proper nozzles.


Small Kucing said...

Creative. Can I join in the makan part?

Stacy said...

Quite nice what. The outlined ones that is. Why bother with the flooded ones??

Ai Sakura said...

I think they turned out pretty well too :)

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Adrine said...

Kathy - come, come! I enjoy the baking part more than the eating part. haha.

Chi - Flooded ones supposed to look better if done properly. Gonna give it another go.

Ai - thanks :-)

Caterina said...

I dun bother buying nozzle for something so small. I buy the disposable piping bag,those plastic type n cut the end to the thickness I like. That way I can cut just a small hole for thin line for something as small as a sugar cookie. All this while I have only one nozzle for decorating cakes.