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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Burps and Giggles, Ipoh

After hearing so much about Burps and Giggles in Ipoh, I finally got to visit it yesterday!
If definitely didn't dissapoint at all. I was really impressed how something as mundane as old shoplots can be transformed into something so quirky yet so lovely and unique.
Will let the photos do the talking here :
 The signboard
 The exterior
Love the colourful paper umbrellas!
 The place where we sat
That's Erin showing off her latest word "There!!" to my SIL.  Big achievement for my little late talker ;-) 
 Bar Counter
Love how there's a real living tree in the middle of the eating area
See the row of old switches? Just like my grandparents house!
Super Simple Cardboard Signs  

My latte (RM10)   :-)  
Chicken Burger (RM16)
First time I see a knife stuck into the burger like that! Useful to cut up burger for sharing though.
The burger itself was good. I was pleasantly surprised that the patti was a whole chicken thigh instead of  minced/processed chicken.  
White wine for hubby
My idea of a relaxing afternoon tea is coffee. His is wine. *roll eyes*
One of the little corners
Partial Group Shot -  My 2 girls with their cousins, aunties and uncle 
Marilyn Monroe painting on the outside wall
Nice 3-D effect! (back half of the bicycle is real, front part is painted on the wall)
Sidelane to "Sekeping Kong Heng"
Princess #2 got to be carried by SIL. Princess #1 followed her cousins to the petshop. Aaah....the joys of a family trip :-)
Price wise, it was not cheap at all especially for Ipoh standard. 1 chicken burger, 2 plates of fries and drinks for all was a whopping RM280.  (thx Suzan sis!)  But come to think of it, the food prices were quite alright (targeting the RM26 Wagyu burger next time. he he), but the drinks prices were a killer.
Definitely a great experience and Yayy.....this place scored some brownie points for my hometown!!  :-) 


Stacy said...

So artsy-fartsy! The dagger in the burger thing would give old people a heart attack hehe.

RM10 for latte is already KL standard.

Small Kucing said...

guess the wine was pricey la

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Awesome place right? I find that the prices are on the high side :P did you check out their new place next door - Buku Tiga Lima?

Mommy to Chumsy said...
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MeRy said...

Very nice place...

Mummy Gwen said...

The chicken burger is huge. Yeah the price is a bit high.

Ai Sakura said...

what a chic place! I love the decor!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka