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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Erin's First Birthday Celebration

Baby Erin is now ONE year old!

For her birthday celebration, we had a simple dinner together with our immediate family members last night.

I prepared 2 items - birthday cake and jelly.

Erin's birthday cake - Japanese Strawberry Shortcake
Just like for Elyssa's cake, plenty of drama involved and halfway thru, I was thinking why didn't I just BUY a cake instead of having self-inflicted stress  ;-)

 3-coloured jelly with fruits
 Pretty simple to prepare

I also made Erin's name in jelly for the cake, but forgot to use it. 

Photos taken at the birthday venue -

Erin being carried by Mah Mah and fanned by Ku Jie
 Princess treatment for the birthday girl!

Can spot hubby in the pool? 
We went earlier to have a quick swim before dinner. Elyssa had a good time swimming with her cousins.  No photos of that since I was in the pool with them.  :)

 Birthday Banner and Balloons
Sponsored by Ku Jie.  TQ! 

 Elyssa with the Balloons

 Some of the food
Poor Sis and SIL got very lost so the food got cold. Blame the GPS!

Erin with her two Grandmothers

Mah Mah

 Ah Mah

 Birthday Song and Cake Cutting Time 

 Close Up Shot of the Cake since I slaved for hours over this ;)
Yes, very uneven.  Yes, I was aiming for the "rustic look". He hee.
Will I bake again for the girls? Yes, despite my comment on the first photo.

 Inside Shot (all strawberries already hijacked by kids)
3 layered sponge cake sandwiched with fresh strawberries & cream

 My ever faithful cake supporter!

 With my Birthday Princess

Happy Princess with her Balloons 

My Princesses
There were more engrossed with the balloons  :)

Family Photo

 Happy Birthday my darling Princess!


ChloeRuoyi said...

Happy 1st birthday, Erin! Your strawberry cake is beautiful... and looks very yummy too :)

Caterina said...

Actually it's not even"very lost" but it's just "see no touch" or reach in our case or "so near yet so far". can see the location very near like it's just across the road n yet can't seems to find the road to reach there.that's the frustrating point.

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Happy 1st birthday Erin!!!

Unknown said...

Happy 1st Birthday Erin...can I have your strawberry short cake recipe? Very nice...I'm planning to bake one hello kitty cake for Hebe...but still long way to go her's one is in oct...

Oliveoylz said...

Happy birthday to your little Princess! You know what I think? The cake is simply lovely! Like how you decorated the sides with almond flakes! Nice!

LittleLamb said...

Happy Birthday to Erin!
I like the cake. From the outside look, I thought it was a Pavlova.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Happy 1st Birthday Erin. That looks like a fun party. Kuddos to mommy for baking such a lovely cake and making those colourful jellies.

Vickylow said...

Happy 1st Birthday to Erin.

Cynful Pleasure said...

Happy Belated 1st birthday to Erin! The cake look good...

Stacy said...

Yep could see the place across the road but the only way there was BY AIR!! Paid same stupid toll 5 times!

Cake was good. My jelly got hijacked so no comment. :)

Unknown said...

Cake looks good, so the self inflicted stress was more than worth it! Hehehe... you know,nothing beats home made! But of course I got no talent in this area so I'll just take the easy way out.. haha! Happy 1st birthday, Erin... now to look forward to more cuteness and fun... and maybe another one? hehehe

Miracles in my life said...

Happy birthday Erin!!! How time flies!!! Just remember reading ur mummy post that she was pregnant with you!! Lol
The cake looks yummy!! Recipe pls!! I understand what you mean by self inflicted pain! Exactly the same when I made N's cake!! Lol great job mummy!

MeRy said...

Happy Belated birthday to Erin......

The birthday cake looks good.

Small Kucing said...

Happy Belated Birthday Erin :)

Ai Sakura said...

so fast!! Happy sweet birthday lil Erin :)

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Adrine said...

Thx for the birthday wishes! Angeline and Melissa, I'll try to post up the recipe soon :)