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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Baking Classes @ Caramel Factory

Move aside Retail Therapy....
Cos I've found something wayyyy better - Baking Therapy!!

I just spent two happy Sunday afternoons attending baking classes @ Caramel Factory. :)
Classes at Caramel Factory are taught by the very pleasant Japanese proprietor called Tomoko.

My first class - Japanese Souffle Cheesecake and Diamant Vanille

Tomoko explaining the recipe

Basically, the class is structured this way-
a) Tomoko explains the ingredients in the recipe
b) She does a demonstration
c) We have a hands-on session. Mostly solo, but sometimes we partner up to share the baking equipment
-repeat b) and c), depending on the complexity of the recipe and if there's a second recipe.
d) Tea time! She normally makes a batch (of the recipe of the day) for us to enjoy with a cup of tea.
e) sometimes repeat b) and c)
f) Oven pings. We get to see the fruits of our labour. Pack 'em and go home with huge smile on face. :)

I like it that the classes are purposely kept small. Around 8pax only for the two classes I attended. So there's plenty of time to ask questions and call for help! (my standard call for help - "Tomoko, Tomoko, this one can already ah???" he he). And she patiently answers all my silly novice baker questions too.

Demonstration Time

My Baking Station

Tea & Cookies (Cheesecake not in photo) while waiting for our cakes in the oven

What I baked - all ready to bring home
(no photos of the making process cos hands dirty)

Elyssa with the cheesecake I baked :)

My Second Class - Vanilla Swirl and Red Velvet Cupcakes

Me piping cream cheese topping on the red velvet cupcakes
(photo pinched from Caramel Factory's FB page)

Ta da...... my completed cupcakes

Elyssa with my cupcakes

She asked me to bake the cupcakes for her to bring to school on her upcoming 4th birthday


Anonymous said...

Hi Adrine, thank you so much for joinig my baking class and sharing about it on your wonderful blog! I couldn't help but smile reading your post^^. I didn't know you were taking such a nice photos during the class! But do I stand with my legs open, ya? hahaa...
Your daughter is sooo pretty! Really glad to hear that she loved your cupcakes. Good job mommy, and hope you make even better cupcakes for her birthday!

Chinneeq said...

Adrine, do u realise it is so difficult doing piping and decorating? I am looking forward to attend some classes soon!

Unknown said...

So shiok...I want it too. But Taiping seldom have this kind of classes..Usually they demonstrate only...Love the cupcakes

Health Freak Mommy said...

So this is your new found hobby and stress-therapy, good good! Your kids and hubs are the beneficiary hehe. But the course ain't cheap eh?

Stacy said...

Cannot go for class and bake the one time. This kind of thing must practice a lot. Then share the results. :)

Yeah I guess the hardest part for a novice baker is knowing when the beating/whisking is enough.

Small Kucing said...

wow...the cupcakes looks wonderful :)

Caterina said...

oh yeah, baking can be very addictive and beware of adding that extra weight from that sugar. (psstt... speaking from experience - my size is growing). btw, i got a chance to try ur cupcake. very nice.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Oh, I read about this baking class from another blogger mummy too. Looks fun and it's a nice hobby to pick up :) I wish I love baking as much as I love eating the baked goods. The problem is, I just hate the cleaning-up part after each baking session. Those greasy bowls and stuff aren't easy to wash and that puts me off everytime :(

Adrine said...

Tomoko - Thank you for making the classes so enjoyable :) Ha ha...I should have let you see the photos first. Sorry that they don't you much justice since u look better in real life.
I do hope the cupcakes will turn out well for her birthday. I will let u know the outcome!

Chin Nee - U already did a good job with Qi Qi's cupcakes last time.

Angeline - that's why I like the classes here. Not so useful if just demonstration. (cos somehow it looks easy until I do it myself. he he)

Shireen - Price well, I think it's quite reasonable since we get to bring back what we bake. (eg: whole cheesecake for my 1st class. That alone costs quite a bit if buy from outside).

Chi2 - agree! Can't wait to try it next weekend. Oh, one thing I learned is that I normally don't whisk long enuf.

Mamarazzi - thx!

Cat - I know!!! I wanna lose weight and I wanna learn to bake. How????

HweiLi - Paik Ling's blog rite? That's how I found out about Caramel Factory too.
Oh, one of the reasons why I pick up this hobby again is cos I now have a maid. He hee.... after messing up the kitchen, I just ask her to clean up. Yayyyy!!!! :)

cre8tone said...

Very amazing class... the food looks so yummy!~

MeRy said...

well done....Hope have chance to try out your cheesecake.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

ahhhh...baking is a good therapy eh? i've read about this place from another blog but can't remember which one now :P I can't wait to see more of your creations :)

Leona said...

I stumbled on her website a week ago. Was interested and asked her where her place was. Quite near my place i think.
Does Tomoko also have a bakery of her own to sell her baked goods???

Adrine said...

Leona - her shop is just 2 doors away from the baking supplies shop Bagus in Shah Alam. Same row as Pappa Rich. (quite near Giant Shah Alam). Her bakery is in the same shop, but I think she does orders only for now.

U interested to go? Wld be sooo nice if we can go together and pair up! I wanna go again, but mebbe in mid April, depending on the class schedule.( he he... am telling myself to STOP going for classes this month and to practise what I learned first)

LittleLamb said... near my office and I dont know about it. My office is 13/50. I will check her schedules and if there is something I like the learn, then I'll go. No excuse alraedy..hehehehe

Adrine said...

Rachel - Oh, I didn't know your office is that area. Yes, fast fast go learn and then bake something for Philip for scoring 100% in his ting xie :)
Btw, the April schedule is not out yet but shld be soon.