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Monday, October 24, 2011

MV Logos Hope, Port Klang

2 weekends ago, we made a visit to the floating book fair @ MV Logos Hope in Port Klang.

The main intention was for Elyssa to enjoy the experience on board a ship rather than the book fair itself. We already bought more than enough books at the Big Bad Wolf sale! (he he.....for that sale, hubby and I went together once, then after that he went twice by himself and I went once with my colleagues).

Some photos taken that day -

Elyssa with Logos Hope in the background

Queuing up to get onto the ship
Baby Erin must be thinking - "This is boring. Yawn!!" ;)

Shopping Time
The books were surprisingly cheaper than normal bookstores. But of course not as cheap as the Big Bad Wolf sale. We didn't want any books but wanted to buy SOMETHING (after the effort to drive there and queue up!) so we ended up with an inflatable Dora beach ball for Elyssa.

Little Miss Captain

At the small play area

After browsing at the book fair area, we went to the cafe for light refreshments. Elyssa played with some toys at the play area.
There was a lady doing face painting but Elyssa wasn't interested.

With one of the volunteers
She told hubby she was on a 2 year volunteer program with the ship. What a lovely concept! I will love to do something like that (err...ok, ideally one year) if I'm young and single.

Erin and I at the cafe

Bye Bye Ship!!
We didn't stay long cos it was a little warm inside the ship


Stacy said...

Hehe Erin looks so blur-blur in the pic with you. Wah drive so far, queue and then ship itself is hot some more.

Small Kucing said...

wow...weekend so many people ah. We went on week days. No queue. Ya the prices cant beat BBWS but it's a good experience for the kids.

I juust saw in the FB that BBWS going to have one final sale on 24-28 Nov

cre8tone said...

Such a wonderful outing!~

Mummy Moon said...

It is a good experience for Elyssa. We still no plan to go.. probably is too far fr our place.

Mummy Gwen said... many people queueing outside! Baby Erin was very well behaved lah. Finally, get to see a pic of mummy with Baby Erin...NICE!

Unknown said...

Been to this many years ago when i was very young and remembered the crowd, the jossling, the heat, boring... So I never went back, hahaha.

Daddy said...

Ryan went with his school. His day care center actually organised a trip for them. He enjoyed himself very much being on the ship. One of my friend actually volunteered for that program many many years ago. Was also thinking about it then..(young mah...) But have to opt out since my first job offer came along ....

Mommy to Chumsy said...

What a lovely day out. Love the photos. Hey, Erin looks like her mama :)

Alice said...

until when the ship going to be there? ooi...planning to go but seeing the queue er......gotta think twice la

Chinneeq said...

it is really a bit warm inside. when we were there, there were hardly anyone, and there is even no queue. But still beh tahan coz so warm :p

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I aware of the event but did not go (altho the place is not far from my hse). My husband dislike crowded place.