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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Breastfeeding Journey - Week 6+

Thanks for all the breastfeeding advice in response to my previous post :)

My breastfeeding journey is getting better now. At least I can now consistently get 2 oz (sometimes 2.5oz) out of the pump while I'm nursing baby Erin. Not sure how much she takes is supposed to be more efficient than the pump but this little one keeps falling asleep on the job!

But I reckon she should get at least 1 oz by herself, so with the pumped out 2 oz, that's at least 3oz per feed. Yeah, she takes ALL that I pump out during each nursing session. Was hoping to get extra to store but there's always no leftover when I offer her the bottle of expressed milk. Extra would be nice (I have 6oz stored up) but my immediate concern is to fatten up my little one - her limbs are still so thin and lanky .....when oh when will she have fat fleshy thighs???

What I'm doing now -
1) During the day, I nurse and pump at the same time. Approx every 2-3 hours interval. Each session takes approx 45 mins.
2) Night time, I nurse her directly lying down.
3) Take GNC Fenugreek tablet twice day. And 2 calcium pills (leftover supplement from pregnancy) in the morning.
4) Drink loads of water!
5) Try to relax and just focus on getting enough milk. Everything else is secondary for now. (let hubby worry about stuff like buying/selling shares, interest rates etc. He heh)

Am going to persevere in this breastfeeding journey!! Wish me luck!

Some photos of Elyssa & Erin -


Kristie said...

omg so adorable lah the 2 sisters :-) don't worry k, u are doing a GREAT JOB ;-) in no time, Erin will be chubby with mummy's bm! xoxo

Chinneeq said...

Adrine, can see u are already so great over there. Am sure u will get use to your routine in no time!

Unknown said...

My mum advice, baby need to sleep more...the more chubby she will be...

Alice Law said...

Your newborn is drop dead cute, love her beautiful smile, such a lovable baby!

All the best on your Nursing journey!^^

Stacy said...

Breastfeeding IS challenging... I reckon at least half of my worries in dealing with a newborn were regarding breastfeeding!

I think Erin is the lanky supermodel type la. Those ppl where got fleshy thighs one.

Oliveoylz said...

Keep up the good work! I reckon you're doing a great job feeding your little one. Yeah, leave all the financial matters to hubs. the 2nd pic. Your kids look like they are in the midst of a talking session!

Mummy Gwen said...

Keep it up, Adrine. You are doing great. Erin is so adorable. :)

Julie said...

Relax not enough. Get more rest and sleep. :)