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Thursday, October 14, 2010

2 years, 6 months old

Elyssa is now 2 and a half years old!

About her:
1. Weight : 13.6kg
Height : approx 84cm

2. She thinks everything is about her - every time someone says the word "two" or "years", she loudly proclaims "I am two and half years old" ;) Yup, so when my mum tells the maid to cook two cups of rice, she goes - "I am two and a half years old". Or when we ask how many years warranty, she goes - "I am two and a half years old".

Ha ha....since both are pretty common everyday words, we hear the statement very often!!

3. She is still in the "I want to do myself" mode. No joke. Recently, she happily helped push her baby cousin's bouncinet from one end of the living room, maneuvering past the playpen to the patio. The bouncinet got stuck a little so my mum tried to help her. She started crying and screaming in protest! Then she dragged the bouncinet all the way back to the original corner of the living room and started the same process again - while screaming angrily all the way.

4. She loves pedaling her tricycle at the patio of my parent's house.

5. She loves TALKING!! And she fully expects a response from the person she's talking to. If no response, she just repeats herself louder and louder until the person has no choice but to respond. He hee... she's definitely persistent!

6. Sometimes she surprises us with the things she remembers, but sometimes her memory is like a sieve. Had a couple more of bad memory situations when we tried to make her remember certain words. But what I learned is when it happens, it's best not to pursue the same method of grilling but to completely change the sentence structure or context. The few times I tried this new method, she had no problems remembering the words. Hmm..... I really don't know why!

7. She has been counting from one to ten for months now, but she still doesn't know what it means. I've just started playing counting games with her (I take out 10 packets of instant coffee - then we take turns requesting and giving each other an x number of packets, with plenty of cheering and clapping when it is correct) so I hope she can grasp the concept pretty soon.

8. My favourite part of our nightly routine is when she kisses me on the mouth and then says "Good night. Sweet dreams. I love you mummy". :)


Alice Law said...

Such a sweet little girl with all the amazing lovely words, great archievement too!

No worries Adrine, kids tend to have selective memory! It's great that she remember some important one!

Happy weekend!

Mummy Gwen said...

Elyssa is a fast learner. Don't worry she will get the words right in no time.

Gwen doesn't know how to pedal chance to ride a bicycle here in JKT..haha.

Alice Phua said...

Great development and milestone! The goodnight, sweet dreams wishes are so sweet and cute of her! About her wanting to do everything herself, that's very cute! My son is like that too. When he turns on a tap to wash his feet, sometimes I'll assist by turning the tap off for him. On seeing that, he became dissatisfied and turn on the tap again so that he can turn it off!

LittleLamb said...

planning for a 2nd one yet?? Age gap seems ok and she can be the "tai kar jie (big sister role)

She is progressing very well.

MeRy said...

Such a sweet and pretty girl..

ZMM said...

Wow.. she's also very spunky huh?

Unknown said...

Hehehe.. you're training her young, Adrine. A future accountant in the making?

Unknown said...

oh, and I laud LittleLamb's suggestion... ; )

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Such a cutie. She's doing great and her speech is wonderful. I can't help laughing at your first paragraph :D.

cre8tone said...

Nice speech from sweet girl...

Oliveoylz said...

Oh...being persistent is a good thing and wanted to be heard is a good trait too. All the makings of a very successful career woman in future! Love the 1st pic of your princess! So cute!