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Friday, August 6, 2010

Bad Memory??

*Sigh*..... here's a snippet of the conversation we had after dinner just now, when we ate some "ang koo's" from a full moon pack.

Elyssa : I want to eat that one.
Me : Ok, this is called ang koo.
Elyssa : Ra Kun! (dunno where she got that from)
Me : No, it's called Ang Koo. Say Ang Koo.
Elyssa : Ang Koo.
Me : Clever girl. Now, what do you want to eat?
Elyssa : Ra Kun!
Me : Err... no. It's called Ang Koo.... Ang Koo, Ang Koo (x 10 times in an animated tone while she chuckled away).
Elyssa : *giggles* Ang Koo. Ang Koo. Ang Koo.
Me : So, you want to eat this? What is it called?
Elyssa : Yes! *think a bit*. then quietly.......Ra Kun !
Me : No Ra Kun here. Ok, mummy will eat this.
Elyssa : No...... I want.
Me : Ok, then what is this thing called?
Elyssa : *think again* I don't know. then....... Ra Kun! (faint!)

??????? Somehow my heart fell!

Is her memory really that bad? Why can't she "delete" the word "Ra Kun" from her mind? Why can't she remember a simple word like "Ang Koo"? I don't think she was being cheeky cos while I asked the questions, I continued eating the ang koo. She's such a greedy girl that I know she would have stopped me if she could.

The conversation went on for about 10 minutes or so. She could repeat after me when I said "ang koo" but a few moments later , she would respond with "Ra kun" again. Why oh Why??? I couldn't help thinking how she can survive in a Chinese medium school where there is a lot of memorizing. Will she struggle badly? My parents have commented before that her memory is not as good as her cousin's, but I never really thought much about it.

Or am I being too paranoid?? After all, she's not even 2 and a half years old yet!


Alice Law said...

LOL! She is probably teasing you, kids has really high self esteem and won't easily give in like adult! Well, she has her preference too... to use her won 'word', how creative!

You can try flashing her cards if you wanted to boost her memory. My girl has excellent memories, thanks to this method too... and now my boy!;)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Irene said...

it's ok lar... she could probably be:

1. testing/irking/playing with you
2. saying Ang Koo in her own pronounciation... william says alot of words you may even think he speaks greek but it's actually english! the grandprts can't understand, even hubs don't, and i'm the translator!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

don't worry Adrine. Kids are like that. Maybe the word Ra Kun has been in her memory for a while and she only associates ang koo with Ra Kun. Ashley used to be like this too when it comes to certain words.

MeRy said...

Not to worry...slowly she will be able to pronounce it in a right way.

MayChing said...

i don't think it's the memory, more how she associates sounds, and maybe confusing the "aa" sound with "ra". anyway, she's still learning to talk, so she'll work it out!
she a smart girl:)

~LiLHypPo's mUMmy~ said...

Hahaha!! But I agrre with everyone lese. She's still young. Sometimes I wonder if I should use baby language with Maine too

Mummy Gwen said...

I think it's normal coz at this age they are more interested in playing than learning. Gwen always forgets what she learned from school. -__-

Stacy said...

At worst, send to normal Kebangsaan school. Lots of people who went still turned out fine.

Maybe language isn't her strong point. There were other things she did from babyhood till now that shows she's a smart cookie. Plus she has leadership skills too.

But the others are probably right and it could be just this one word.

I thought the whole exchange was really funny. Poor paranoid mummy though!

Adrine said...

Thx mummies for the reassuring words :)

Leona said...

Doesn't sound like Elyssa is having poor memory. But if you are worried... maybe do more memory games with her...using flashcards. Try googling for memory games online to play with kids...

leeyen said...

Guess it has nothing to do with her me memory! :) children are like that! They love repeating their own "words invention"!

ChloeRuoyi said...

She's obviously just pulling your leg lah hehe. Cheeky girl :)

Eh, why don't you show her a picture of a raccoon and say "nah, this is ra kun". Point back to the angkoo and say "this is NOT ra kun, ok!" :)