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Friday, April 23, 2010

2 Years Old

I wrote about Elyssa's 2nd birthday celebration and her 2nd birthday photoshoot, but I missed out on her monthly update. So this is quite belated, but I guess better late than never!

About Her-

1. Weight : approx 12kg

2. She's off diapers now except for sleep time and when we go out. No pee accidents for a long time now. Good $ savings for us :)

3. Food wise, the days of no-seasoning, no-oil porridge are unfortunately over. She wants to try out everything we eat so my mum has given up cooking separately for her.

4. Her vocab has improved a lot these days. She can just talk and talk...... so her new nickname is "Miss Zhi Zhar Poh" (Miss Talkative) !! Some days, I wish I can just buy some tape and tape up her mouth. he he. Meal times can be very noisy with "I want fish, I want chicken, I want tau foo, I want vege, I want rice etc etc with hardly any break in between.

5. For the past few weeks, our nightly going-to-bed routine involves crying on her part. Why? Cos even long after the lights have been switched off, she just talks and talks non-stop. It often ends with me saying "Elyssa, keep quiet" followed by her crying and then zzzzzz..

6. She's as bossy as ever.

7. What does she say when someone says something she doesn't like? "Don't Talk" When we tell her that's rude, her tactic is to go the next person and say "Tell xyz, Don't Talk". Really don't know where she got that from! We reprimand her each time she says that, she stops but it doesn't prevent her from using it again in another situation.

8. She started using the word "because" lately : eg "Mummy hands tired because mummy carry Elyssa. Because Elyssa soooo heavy". "Ah Mah buy dress for Elyssa because Ah Mah love Elyssa".

9. She has learned the power of the magic word "please". It's so hard not to give in when she says "please, please, please" and then flashes her big smile with her dimples.

10. She still loves to be carried. Just changed tactic from saying "no leg" to "mummy, carry leeeetle while only. leeeeetle while only". Her "leeeetle while only" is always with the same singing tune, a big dimply smile and with hands stretched out to me. Haiyoh......she really knows her way to mummy's heart!

11. These days, she has a tendency to fall fast asleep in her car seat. If not, she talks and sings to herself. Yippeee yay..... such a vast improvement compared to the kicking and screaming days not too long ago. Now I don't dread car journeys anymore :)


Mommy to Chumsy said...

hhahahaha...she is really cute. Sometimes I wish that the kids are like radio where we can switch off for a while or reduce the volume a bit :D

Mummy Gwen said...

Change header again..hehe. This one is very sweet.

Your Elyssa can speak so well.'s cute to hear her talk. :)

Unknown said...

she's sooo cute, i can't wait to hear her talk.. hope she won't be shy when we meet up

Irene said...

hehe... so cute! love yr header :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Same goes to my girl. She will talk and talk non stop before going to bed.

Elyssa is very good in her speaking. She can say a very long sentence. A

Health Freak Mommy said...

Kudos to Elyssa for being off diapers and for having such good vocab. Baby C is still on diapers full time. Me too lazy to potty train her :S