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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rice All Over

When we go out for meals, sometimes all I ask for is just 10 minutes for Elyssa to sit down quietly so that I can eat in peace. One of the best way to make her sit down is with what else........ but food. If she has eaten her porridge, I'll usually let her have something from our plate like rice or raw cucumber.

Took some photos using the camera phone when we were in Sushi King recently. Just look at the grains of rice all over her chin!

"Take rice"

"Put in Mouth"

"Take rice"

"Put in mouth".
"I don't understand the fuss about the mess. Who cares as long as I get rice in my mouth??"


Mommy to Chumsy said...

hahahahhahaha....this is funny. Elyssa looked cute with all the rice on her mouth and chin :D ever since i had Ashley, i have never had a peaceful meal, not even 1 min...even now :( last time she would be fidgeting, want attention or taking stuff and throwing them on the floor. Now, she'll be talking nonstop or me telling her to put food into her mouth *shake head*

Suzan said...

Hello! Hello! Ku Che here. Fun to see my little niece enjoying her favorite activity.. eating!! :o)

Mummy Gwen said...

Alamak so messy..hehe..but very cute. Like to eat is GOOD. :)

Chinneeq said...

mama...where is the spoon?

Unknown said...

haha, we experienced that with Vic 4 years back... cannot sit still in the bb chair, and she too loves to eat... issit a girl thing??? anyway, william is more obedient. sometimes he fuss a little, whine a little, throw some utensils a little... but we don't give in. so... he learns lar. other times, there's always the maid... haha.

2ma said...

so cute!! love the pic of elyssa with rice poking all over her mouth. it reminds me of durian! *haha*

the little prince said...

My boy can be Elyssa geng..sama sama...mess until I got to say sorry to the restaurant boss!! :-)

Fussy mum said...

Same with my girl...only food can keep her occupied when we're dining out. It's good that Elyssa enjoys food :)

cre8tone said...

I guess all kiddos eat like this.. messy all the way round..

andrewjune said...

you're right...if i could also get my daughter to sit for 10 mins, at least i get to eat my meal in a VERY fast phase before she makes a fuss!

Merryn said...

fuiyo, sure hard to wipe the rice away, so sticky! but nice what.. she enjoying herself n looking all cutey there!

Adrine said...

Barbara - oh nooooooo.... I tot it's supposed to get better as they go older.

Suzan sis - Happy to see you here! She eats rice as if she's eating gourmet food eh?

MummyGwen - yaloh, so messy.....

Chin Nee - he heh...sometimes I give her a spoon and sometimes I let her use her hands.

Irene - Times like that, I wish I have a maid. But then with all the horror maid stories, I get worried :(

Jasmine - like durian - true also.. ha hah.... you're funny!

Little Prince - ya loh, sometimes very "pai seh" when i leave the restaurant.

Ivy - but I sometimes worry about overfeeding her. Food is also the only way that she'll sit in her carseat. So if I just keep feeding her, she's gonna get really round.

Little Prine mummy - yes, very messy indeed!

June - looks like there is no such thing as a nice leisurely meal with the kids around.

Merryn - there was rice on her body and legs too. Somemore this was the Japanese sticky rice!!

slavemom said...

Win-win situation. Both parties get to enjoy their food. :D