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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fun Sunday

We had an early start last Sunday by going to a birthday picnic organised by a mummy blogger, Chin Nee at the TTDI park. The picnic was at a wonderful shady spot with a shallow stream. Perfect for small kids! I'll definitely go again next time.

Pic of the picnic spot - It was Elyssa's first experience standing in the stream and she didn't fancy it at all. Just look at her face! ;)

"Mummy, why do I have to stand here????"

After a while, we decided to bring her to the nearby playground instead. She enjoyed that much more! Some pics taken -

" Daddy, I'm as tall as you !"

" Peek-a-boo", daddy !!!!!!!!

"This is fun"

" Yay....... time to slide down now"

We ended up spending more time at the playground instead of by the stream where the actual picnic was. (what to do...... have to follow what the "little boss" wants!) But it was nice to finally meet some of the mummy bloggers in person. I also found out that one of the bloggers whom I thought looked familiar worked in the same company as I did many, many years ago. Such a small world.

After the morning picnic, we met up for lunch at a nearby organic cafe with my friend Mun Sean, her hubby and their adorable son Nicholas. Wanted to take a nice photo of the 2 kids but it was an impossible task. Ha hah...... hard enough to take a photo of one kid but with TWO, I gave up after a while.

The only close-to decent photo I had -

"Piu pheettt....... this kor-kor very 'leng-cai'

Here's a photo with Elyssa completely ignoring instructions and Nick purposely shutting his eyes because I said "SMILE!!" Ha hah.... he's just so cute and cheeky!

After lunch we went to Amcorp Mall because hubby wanted to search for his second hand CDs. Not my favourite place to go but I gave in since it was Father's Day.

That night we had a Father's Day dinner for my father with the rest of the family. No pics as I forgot my camera.

All in all, an enjoyable Sunday :)


LittleLamb said...

she is very very brave. till today, philip does not want to use the slide.. he's too chicken..

2ma said...

wow, so many mummy bloggers went. i missed it coz shan leo has to attend sunday morning classes

Mommy to Chumsy said...

did you all see any monkeys at the picnic? :D

Lana said...

I bring Ashley to the same park every Saturday. Tried the little stream once but she didn't fancy it (didn't last a minute) and yes, she likes the small playground better!

Merryn said...

isnt it slippery in the stream? i love the pics of peekaboo between elyssa n daddy! so nice... :D

Kristie said...

what a lovely sunday! elyssa sure loves the playground :) i think just bring her to the stream a few more times she will be splashing around! :)

Health Freak Mommy said...

Baby C has never been to the playground. I wonder if she'll be afraid of the swing and the slide. Elyssa still looks so chubby and compact!

Fussy mum said...

Elyssa surely had a good time at the playground...can tell from her happy face :D

slavemom said...

The playgrd is definitely more fun than the muddy stream. :D

Adrine said...

Rachel - she started going down the slides on her own only very recently. But sometimes she's too brave until I get scared!

Jasmine - wld have been great if we had a chance to meet up.

Barbara - the only monkey i saw was my little one. ha hahhh!!!!

Yoke Chen - oh, so that's the park you were referring to in your blog. It's such a lovely place to go to. You're lucky that you stay so near.

Merryn - the peekaboo photo is my favourite as well !

Kristie - pity the park is a little far away from where I stay. But i'll go again soon.

Shireen - I'm sure baby C will love the slide and swings. Elyssa is so chubby and compact cos she eats a lot :)

Ivy - yes, she was very happy indeed.

Slavemum - the stream was actually quite clear and clean. But i think it was the texture of the sand that she didn't like.