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Monday, May 11, 2009

Trial Class - Gymboree

Over the weekend, I sent Elyssa for a trial class at Gymboree. I figured she would enjoy the class since she has been more mobile lately and likes climbing up and down the sofa.

The result? Half the time, she clinged on to me and didn't participate in the activities. When I tried, she cried a little so I let her "stick" to me. (cannot even sit on the mat but must sit on my lap!!) She did look interested in the activities though, which I take as a good sign.

Well, her behaviour was not entirely surprising since she hasn't been with so many kids her own age before. In the class that day, there were 7 kids around the same age. Besides Elyssa, there was also another boy trying out the class for the first time. When I chatted with his mum, she said that he has been attending Tumble Tots for a few months. That could explain why the boy was feeling more at home than Elyssa.

Here's a photo taken right after the class. If only she can sit so quietly on her own at home. Ha hahh!!

Overall, I was happy with the class. It was quite interactive, there was sufficient time for the kids to socialise and I found the equipment nicer and newer than the Tumble Tots in Subang Parade.

I ended up signing for the class. Fee info-

Annual Membership Fee : RM 150
Programe Fee : RM 420

The programe fee is for 12 classes to finish in 12 weeks. Since the trial class is free with any sign-up, that works out to RM32 per class. (or RM44 if I factor in the membership fee)

Hopefully, Elyssa will get more involved in the class activities and socialise with the other kids next time!


Merryn said...

Elyssa is lucky. All Ethan got is playground time opposite our house! :D No aircond.. no padding..

Mommy to Chumsy said...

i'm sure Elyssa will have lots of fun once she get used to it. Normally first time she'll be shy :) I've never send Ashley to these classes before...very expensive :D

Unknown said...

Hi, I got a card for a free Gymboree class too, have yet to bring william there. Wah, but the fees are pricey.. haha, I think I'll jst bring him for the playgroup at vic's kindy.

LittleLamb said...

i'm sure Elyssa would love the classes... heard a lot of good feedback. for didnt send philip to any.

Adrine said...

Merryn/Barb/Irene/Rachel - Yeah, the classes are expensive. RM30+ for a 45 mins class is no joke. Honestly, I'd seriously reconsider if I can't claim the amount.

Irene - let me know if you decide to bring William for the free class. If you say my name, Elyssa gets an additional free class :)

Fussy mum said...

I'm sure Elyssa will enjoy the fun once she becomes accustomed to the class. Btw, I love your new header...sweet and nice :D

Leena said...

Give her some time, let her warm up to the new surrounding and her new friends first, I'm sure she'll enjoy herself very much at the class.

Adrine said...

Ivy - thanks! I finally tried scrapblogging and it was great fun.

Ivy/Shern's mum - I hope that she'll get used to the class too! I'm looking forward to the next class.