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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Short Holiday - Putrajaya

2 weeks before the Labour Day long weekend, hubby and I were cracking our heads about where to go for a short getaway. As usual, the top criteria was somewhere not too crowded (hubby just hates crowds) and preferably not too far away. Melaka, Kuantan, PD, Genting, Camerons etc etc...... how? how? We went through the usual list, but knew that these places would be crowded due to the long weekend.

In the end, we finally thought of some place that fit our specification - relaxing weekend getaway at Shangri-La Putrajaya! Heh hehh..... close enough, minus the crowd. Perfect!
So on Friday morning, we headed off to Putrajaya after a nice dim sum brunch. We didn't do much in the 2 days, as the agenda was to just rest and relax.
Some photos taken on Day 1:
Elyssa was very happy when we got to the room -

Some photos taken on Day 2 -

The corporate rate package that I took didn't include breakfast, so hubby bought some roti canai which we had by the pool.

Swimsuit Catwalk

Thumbs Up!

This was actually a free & easy trip for us. For the first time, we travelled without her bath tub and sterilizer. Also, the first time without any food planning. For her meals, we basically ordered white rice for her, added some hot water and added some pieces of chicken/egg/vege from what we ate (rinse a little with water/tea to get rid of any sauces). Easy peasy! Very convenient indeed for travelling.

I also reflected on what she ate for our previous holidays -

1) Kuantan @ 3 mths : Elyssa was still fully on milk
2) Clearwater, Batu Gajah @ 6 mths+ : At that time, Elyssa started her solids already but for the holiday, we gave her milk only.
3) Melaka @ 8 mths : Milk and instant cereal.
4) Cameron Highlands @ 11 mths : We stayed in an apartment, so I brought along a pot to cook her porridge.
5) Clearwater, Batu Gajah @ 11 mths : I brought along a slow cooker to cook her porridge.
6) Penang @ 11 mths : Milk and instant cereal. On one of the days, our friend in Penang very kindly made her porridge for lunch and dinner.

Hmm... just realised that the Putrajaya trip was Elyssa's 7th holiday. Quite a lot for someone who has just turned one!


LittleLamb said...

i love the place u went in putrajaya. its our company fav hotel!!!! anyway ELyssa is one lucky gal to have been traveling so much.. she is getting easy to handle right...:)

Caterina said...

our car were right behind yours. we honked, but not too sure if you realise. didn't know u were staying there, otherwise we would have 88... heheeh...

allthingspurple said...

Hey there, Adrine, this is Allthingspurple. I am the designated jaga wang person this year. Email me at with your email address so that I can let you have further details, okay? I didn't want to disclose my full name in my blog.
Thanks for your contribution for the mothering mother 2009.

andrewjune said...

well since she can stands, prob u can try bathing her without the bath tub...i find bathing them while standing is so much easier!

yeah lucky, been to so many places for a 1 yr old toddler!

btw, she looks so cute in the 2 pc suit!

Adrine said...

Rachel - yes, nice hotel indeed!

Cat - oops, didn't realise. Next time, just give us a ring.

Christene - I've sent you an email.

June - Elyssa can stand, but she doesn't stand "on demand". The last time I tried, she ended up sitting down on the bathroom floor most of the time. A bit hard to wash her bum bum like that!

Caterina said...

actually we honked and i waved... actually told ur bro to call u but he wasn't too bothered, moreover justin was sleepy already. But justin kept asking "where's elyssa now?" hahaha...

Fussy mum said...

Elyssa is indeed a very lucky girl to have been to so many places. She cut her hair/fringe? So cute and sweet :)

Chinneeq said...

such a nice holiday!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

wow, she's such a well-travelled little kiddo :D hmm...we must try out this little getaway to putrajaya :D

Mummy Gwen said...

You are smart to choose this location for your short crowd at all. Elyssa is such an easy baby to travel with. Lucky you..hehe. I like her swimsuit. :)

J.H said...

wow, your little girl is so young yet travel everywhere :-) lucky her!

the little prince said...

Wow...I love her sexy swim suit ya!!

Leona said...

So, when are u planning to take Elyssa overseas for a holiday?
I see u like Clearwater as a holiday destination... must try there one day.

MayChing said...

me and hubby went there as well a few years ago, for exactly the same reasons:)

Sasha Tan said...

wow thats a lot of travelling for a 1 yr old kiddo.