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Monday, April 6, 2009

Fierce Baby

I bumped into my parent's neighbour over the weekend. He said hello, commented on how much Elyssa has grown and then said "your baby fierce, eh?". Hmm.... come to think of it, not too surprising since he can hear it when Elyssa screams at my parents place. Not that its often, but when she screams its like he*l has broken loose.

I don't know whether his comment made me more alert, but roughly over the next 24 hours, I got TWO more comments from others that she's fierce. One from the photographer during her photo shoot on Sunday morning. (for her 1-year-old photos. will write about it next time). A couple of times, she protested loudly when we tried to put her in a certain position.

Another comment came from some sales personnel in Carrefour. This lady was handing out sample cups of kids milk. Elyssa was sitting in the supermaket trolley when she saw the lady giving me the cup. She immediately reached out for the cup. I brought the cup to her mouth thinking that she can make a small sip, but it didn't work cos Elyssa kept trying to grab the cup. So I took a straw thinking she can suck the milk using the straw. But instead of sucking from the straw, she kept on wanting to grab the cup. She was pretty quick and within a few seconds, she managed to grab the cup. So strong that she squashed it which resulted in milk spilling all over then she started crying. The sales girls there were smiling and shaking their heads, and then one of them commented, "hou ngok hoh?" (quite fierce huh?) So, fierce comment No 3.

It's often not the "why" of her protests, but the way in which she protests. A little surprising since both hubby and I are not like that.


Unknown said...

were u "fierce" or frequently angered when u were pregnant with her? worth analysing for Project 2 coz I think it's quite true for my victoria.

btw, can't wait to see little fierce elyssa this saturday.

Leona said...

Elyssa is juz a very determined baby... and she knows what she wants...good ma... she won't be bullied next time when she grows up! :)

Adrine said...

Irene - no lar. When I was pregnant, my colleague told me that she thinks her baby is very good natured cos she was very relaxed during her pregnancy. So I tried that. I was pretty happy and calm (luckily smooth pregnancy) but still turn out fierce baby. ha hah!!
Looking forward to the party :)

Leona - At this rate, I think I'm gonna get calls from the school saying that Elyssa bullied someone!!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

maybe she's frustrated at not being able to get what she wants. Don't worry, it's only a phase :D

LittleLamb said...

no la. i dont think is fierce. the baby is fascinated by the things surrounding her n want to get a piece of it... no worries..

Mumsgather said...

Maybe not fierce but just a very determined baby. :)

Family First said...

Fierce? Maybe a strong character perhaps.

Mummy Gwen said...

I think she is not fierce lah. Most babies are like that. When they want something means they REALLY want it..haha.

slavemom said...

I wouldn't call that fierce. If u're a bb and u can't get wat u want, u'll cry, rite? And how to cry softly? :)

Ultracoolmama said...

I really don't think it's fierce... She is just being authentic and showing you what she wants I guess. My Caitlyn also does the same.. I have also gotten such comments from pple, even family members... Not to worry, I think it's pretty normal.