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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Birthday Celebration

Since Elyssa is too young to understand the meaning of "birthday" we did a simple celebration for her. Just dinner with two tables of immediate and close relatives in a restaurant in Klang.

Ordered quite a lot of food -
1. Nyonya style steam fish
2. Marmite prawns
3. Seafood hotplate
4. Fish Head soup
5. Pork knuckles
6. Pork Ribs
7. Braised Toufu
8. Stir fried Vege
9. Birthday Noodles
10. Birthday Cake.

Forgot to take photo of the food though ! (must remember next time)

Luckily, there were photos of the birthday girl with the cake. She drooled so much on the birthday dress that we bought specially bought for her so we had to change her into a normal dress. (must remember to save the good dress for photos next time!)

Birthday girl smiling with birthday cake

Then she reached out and tried to touch the cake. Everyone said "Nooooooo" and poor girl started crying -

" Wahhhh..... my birthday, why everyone scold me????!!!"

But luckily, all smiles again when she got to eat her cake -


Back home, she posed with some of her presents -

"WHOA, this pony can move"

"Yay, with my new backpack I can take Mrs Rabbit with me to kai-kai"


the little prince said...

Happy Birthday Elyssa!!
Wah, the 'pony' & the 'rabbit' so cute!!...I like the minnie cake,so cute!

Now only I know you are from from Klang too!! :-)

Kristie said...

wow elyssa is such a pretty gal! Happy 1st birthday and more to come :)

it's also the same for jayden when i say NO, he will get a shock and start crying hehe...

2ma said...

happy 1st birthday elyssa!!!

love her expression on the photo about the pony *haha*

Family First said...

Happy Belated birthday! And yes, they are too young to understand so we too just had a simple dinner with family. Mine just celebrated 2 last week and this year, he knows how to blow the candles and sing the song!

Sue said...

Happy 1st Birthday Elyssa!

Yup, for my kids I also have a family gathering of sort only, 1 year olds don't really get to enjoy their birthday, so I'd rather have something at home so that they can sleep whenever they want :D

Unknown said...

say hi to little elyssa for me, will ya? children should grow fast, enjoy every available moments with them, it is all worthwhile,,

Family First No Matter What

Mommy Lose Weight said...

happy birthday little princess !

Lana said...

Happy Birthday Elyssa!!!!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Happy Birthday Elyssa! Welcome to toddlerhood :D She looks so pretty;)

Fussy mum said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Elyssa! You're such a sweet cutiepie :)

Adrine said...

Thx for the birthday wishes!

Little prince's mummy - I'm not from Klang actually. Went to the restaurant there (J&J - u know that one?) cos the food is good :)

MayChing said...

happy birthday ELyssa!! the photo of her and the cake is funny:)

Sasha Tan said...

happy birthday! aiyah kesian she got scolded when she tried to reach for the bday cake but then that's what the adult will normally say when the kiddo try to reach for the cake to avoid ler?

Ultracoolmama said...

Well done Mommy!! She is such a cutie!! And happy belated Birthday to her too! So poor thing cannot even touch her own Birthday cake!! I think birthday girl should have the right to smash up her own cake if it pleases her. How often you turn 1? Humph!!

Julie said...

Happy Belated Birthday.

LittleLamb said...

Happy birthday Elyssa
U look so happyyyyyy..

Mummy Gwen said...

Happy Birthday Elyssa! She looks so pretty in her pink dress. Love those dimples! Aiyo...Elyssa don't cry's yr birthday..hehe. Oh..the backpack is so cute.

MeRy said...

Happy Belated Bday to Elyssa!!

andrewjune said...

i am so sorry for the balted bday wishes...havent drop by your blog lately and missed elyssa's bday!

so here's wishing sweet elyssa a belated first HAPPY BIRTHDAY *muaks muaks*

she is really a darling!