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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


When we first brought out the walker about a month ago, it was too "advanced" for Elyssa. Her little legs couldn't catch up to the speed of the walker when it's being pushed. (the wheels go quite fast)

We gave it another try last week.. This time, she could keep up! It was so funny to see the first few attempts. Her eyebrows were all furrowed up with concentration. This was accompanied by the "ahhh ahhh ahhhh" sound effect as she made it back and forth the room. That night, we had to keep "rescuing" her i.e. when she reached the end of the room, we had to turn the walker for her.

The next morning, I let her play with the walker again. I was really surprised that this time she could manoeuvre herself better. Just before she reached the end of the room, she stopped, move the walker backwards a little, turned the walker to one side, then off she went again. She went round and round the living room 5 times! Funny thing is that she can avoid furniture/wall quite well, but when it's a person blocking her, she expects the person to give way.

Hubby managed to capture a video of her using his handphone. (need to turn off sound since the background noise is quite bad)


2xMum said...

Hmm... I think she'll be able to walk without aided pretty soon! :)

andrewjune said...

soon she will be walking without the walker!