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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bali Holiday - Day 4 (Part 2)

With My 2 Girls
Hubs took this photo while we were waiting to check in to our villa @ Kamandalu Resort & Spa.

Walking to our Room
I loved the "feel" of this place. After Ayana, this place felt more warm and err....Balinese. (Ayana was a tad too modern)
View of our villa when we opened the front entrance
O-M-G. I was thinking to myself - am I seeing what I'm seeing???
Private Pool
 WHOOO HOOOO!!!!!  My eyes were not deceiving me after all.
Our own private pool. Yippeeeee!!
(photo taken later that afternooon, hence the messy towel on the deck chair)
It was definitely a pleasant surprise! Actually, when hubby did the bookings, he asked me whether I wanted the pool villa. I was super tempted but then decided not to since it was too pricey. So we booked the garden villa. But while checking in, hubby managed to convince the hotel personnel to give us a free upgrade. Yay!  He didn't say anything to me until we reached our villa  :-)
Huge 4 poster bed in the room
Elyssa playing with rose petals
Baby Cot for Erin
Which was never used. All 4 of us slept on the bed.
Bathroom with sunken bathtub
The girls LOVED this!
Outdoor Shower Area

 Entrance and Side of Villa

Photo taken from deck chair area

With acomodation like that for the next 3D,2N, we mainly just stayed in and enjoyed the facilities :)
On that day itself, after lunch, nap and then ages and ages in the private pool, hotel main pool and bath tub, we took the hotel shuttle to Ubud town. Shopped for a while but didn't end up with anything. For dinner, we went to a Balinese restaurant with absolutely lovely garden settings. Very romantic with tea lights on each table. BUT with 2 restless girls (tired from pool play) and dark surroundings (romantic atmosphere quickly turned to "Arrgh...I can't see what I'm eating") we quickly finished our dinner then headed back to the hotel.
That night, after both girls were fast asleep, hubby and I happily jumped into the pool for our private night swim. Yay!  


Small Kucing said...

such comfortable enviroment. Not hectic at all. Bet the kids love to play water

Stacy said...

You stayed in 3 hotels during the trip? Me lost a bit where and which place. But this last one definitely takes the cake!

Irene Yew said...

Aahhh, and you are back in Malaysia now... thought your hubby might have problem prying you out of the villa! : )

The part on the romantic dinner reminds me of my two kids too at Jimbaran (I'm never gonna return if it's from my own pocket) coz they complained of sand in slippers and too dark to eat! Mummy just wanted to order vodka

Health Freak Mommy said...

Sounds like a very satisfied trip to me. I told my hubs that I want to go to Bali too in Dec!! Woooo, night swim in private pool at night - just you & him... sounds very lor man to me!! ;P

Ai Sakura said...

wow what a special surprise! You are making me yearn for a Bali getaway now too!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Mommy to Chumsy said...

wow, such a beautiful resort. i wonder if paradise looks like this :D

angeline ong said...

Wah love this beautiful...

You guys really indulged yourself with the flora and fauna thing here...very relaxing indeed!

Adrine said...

Kathy - yup, plenty of water time. Exactly the topic of my next post :)

Chi2 - 5 nites, 3 hotels. Last was the best!

Irene - ha ha. wish I'm still in the villa too! During dinner, they complained hot too! Aiyo...we just quickly, quickly ate.

Shireen - oh yes, very lor man ;P

Ai - he go for a holiday there! much cheaper with SGD :)

Barbs - def felt like paradise!

Angeline - it was generally a relaxing trip. (well, as relaxing as it could be with 2 attention hungry girls. sometimes it was really tiring too!)

ChloeRuoyi said...

Wow, 3 resorts in one holiday! I really envy how you can always take long holidays at a stretch. Me hubs can never leave work for more than 5 days. Now lagi teruk, whatever holiday that we have, we only wanna balik kampung! I doubt we will ever have a chance to go for holidays like this...definitely not this year! :(

Adrine said...

HL - I took 5 days off from work this time. "Payback time" for working tru 2 weekends and 2 public holidays b4 CNY! ;-) But next time, I think I'll stick to max of 2 resorts per holiday. A bit too mafan to pack and repack
And hey, I am still envious of your super-long hotel stay during your initial weeks in Beijing! Wonder whether I will ever have a chance to do that. :)

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