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Monday, May 11, 2009

1 Year, 1 Month Old

It's already 1 month past her first birthday!

About her-

1. Weight : 10.4kg

New food introduced : egg, avocado, few spoonfuls of ice-cream

2. Feeding her is an absolute joy. I feel like the best cook in the world....ha hahh. She automatically opens up her mouth really wide when the spoon goes near her mouth.

3. Still a greedy gal. Two days ago, hubby and I had the plain "flower buns" at Esquire Kitchen. I gave her half of the bun so she could quietly eat the bun while we had our dinner. She did eat quietly for a while but once the bun was small enough, she stuffed the whole thing in her mouth. It was really quite funny. Her cheeks were bulging, part of the bun was hanging out of her mouth AND at the same time she reached her little hands out to grab another piece of bun on my plate !!!!

Looked as if I was starving the poor girl. And that was after she had her bowl of porridge!

4. She knows who she can "bully". With her "ah mah", she can happily play away on her own. With her "ah kong", she'll whined to be carried but can play on her own after being carried for a short while. With me, totally gone case. Most of the time, I have to either carry her or sit down and play with her.
When she's sleepy but cranky, only "ah mah" can make her sleep. With everyone else, she'll just scream and struggle in the spring cot. When she struggles like that, she reminds me of a fish that just got caught in a fishing net!

5. She doesn't want to sit in her car seat these days. She'll just scream and scream like no tomorrow. I know that theoretically, if I just ignore her screams she'll eventually know that she has to sit no matter what. But after a few minutes of her screaming on top of her lungs, hubby and I often feel like screaming ourselves and we give in. :( I make sure I hold on tightly to her when she's on my lap though.

6. She loves walking up & down the house and climbing up the sofa. Good exercise for her :)

7. Ok, ok, I know that item 1 and 2 above is about food, but I can't resist another food related comment. This incident happened last night. While we were all chatting away and having dinner, Elyssa and Justin were playing by walking round and round the dining table. After a while, there was a silence and when we looked up, we saw Justin HAPPILY giving biscuits to Elyssa from a biscuit container and Elyssa HAPPILY munching away. I wished I had my camera to capture the moment.....she was so busy munching with crumbs all over her mouth while holding on tight to a biscuit in EACH hand. Ha hahh...... I think if we didn't do anything, the giving-and-receiving biscuit activity would have continued for a long time since they were both clearly enjoying it so much.


andrewjune said...

happy 11 months old to cute elyssa :-)
love your new header!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Adrine, you sure got one cute baby doll there. Love her dimples, and she has beautiful eyes.
Bet she has her mom's good looks, *wink*.
Have a nice day, and keep a song in your heart. Best regards, Lee.

2ma said...

happy 1.1!!! i just love elyssa's dimple. she looks so sweet!!

its such a joy to know that elyssa eats well & not choosy!! shan rae is also a greedy one like elyssa. he will quickly stuffed whatever he has into his mouth & asked for more

Mummy to QiQi said...

having a kid who can eat well is a mum's greatest joy! bravo to baby Elyssa :)

Caterina said...

hahaahah.... the biscuit incident was indeed very funny. we were eating the cookies u baked and the kids were enjoying the biscuits. we were laughing so loud that i think it stunt elyssa a bit... :-)

Fussy mum said...

Ohh, cute dimples!! Elyssa's really a good eater. No hassles when it comes to feeding time.

LittleLamb said...

Elyssa...u r getting prettier n prettier each day.. Happy 13 months old

J.H said...

wow, that's good when you have a toddler who keen on eating her food, not many toddlers like the idea of finishing their dinner :P

p.s: happy belated 1 yo Elyssa!!!

Lybil said...

Haha, what a cheerful updates on Elyssa :) There's nothing happier than having a child that enjoy food!!!


MayChing said...

hehehe, she is so like keira! the eating, the car seat...

Leona said...

Elyssa walks very well for her age. Early developer.
She definitely loves her 'food'! Good la.. not a fussy eater.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Time flies eh? It's so good to hear that she enjoys food very much :)

J.H said...

love your new header!

Irene said...

so cute... i would love to see Elyssa eat!! hehe

btw, did u not have enough to eat whilst you were pregnant with her? some old folks theory lar.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Could it be Elyssa's napping too much during the day? You can try to cut down her nap from twice a day to once. Let her nap after lunch at around 1pm and that's it. This usually helps to konk my 3 girls out really easily at night if they only have 1 nap during the day.

Kristie said...

Elyssa is such a gorgeous babe!!!! She is sure growing up well, thanks to mummy and all family members :)