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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nestle Rusk

We just bought our first packet of baby rusk - Nestle (cos that's the only brand available at our nearby Mydin) and banana flavour (cos that's the only flavour which comes with a free plastic container...)

I was really curious to see her reaction to the rusk. She has always been good when it comes to new types of food, but this was the first exposure to a hard piece of biscuit. I broke off a small piece first. She gummed that piece and looked a little surprised when it dissolved in her mouth. She seemed to like it though and kept opening her mouth for more.

Keh kehh... to gauge how interested she was, I asked hubby to keep his hand stationary. So instead of moving the rusk to her mouth, she had to move her mouth towards the rusk. Just a small little "test" which she passed with flying colours! Confirmed once again that I have a greedy little princess :)

She finished the first small piece quite quickly. So we decided to let her eat the remaining rusk by herself. Her first attempt at self-feeding!
A bit uncoordinated at first -

Then, she got more comfortable with the rusk and started to hold with both hands -

And really enjoyed eating the rusk /feeding herself -

Though it got a little messy at the end -

Well, I'm glad that it was a successful exposure to rusk :)


2ma said...

clever elyssa! i wish shan rae is interested in his food & milk as well

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Yay!!! good that elyssa loves food eh? mine is a picky kid :(

Leona said...

Wow,she has done a good job in self feeding herself for the first time. I remember Ryan was so lazy to even hold the biscuit himself!

Fussy mum said...

Wow! she's so good and did well for the 1st time. Next time, you can let her try other brands of rusk.

Adrine said...

I'm glad that she's naturally a greedy baby. (prob cos mummy also greedy!!)

I make her hold her own milk bottle and water bottle also ;)

LittleLamb said...

ooo clever gal...

Julie said...

It's a good finger food. You can try giving her half instead so that it won't be too messy.

Mummy Moon said...

My baby boy also likes to eat Nestle Rusk... He just want to hold the biscuit himself... CAn finish very fast..