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Friday, September 27, 2019

Japan Holiday - October 2018 ( Day 1 and 2)

My mum asked me this afternoon where she can find my blog posts about my Japan holiday (since my parents are planning a holiday there).  Told her I never got round to updating it.  Well, time to do it now!

Japan Holiday - October 2018. 
Milestone holiday for me since it was going to be my very first SOLO holiday! I accepted a new job offer and wanted to take the opportunity to clear off some Annual Leave. Not a school holiday and too last minute to arrange for hubby or any of my friends to go with me, so the idea of a solo holiday came to mind.  Bangkok and Taiwan were the initial top two choices since I've been there before.  But I also wanted something different. Yet it must be somewhere I could feel comfortable enough from a safety aspect.  Japan came to mind.  Perfect! Did some research - settled on Osaka and Kyoto. 

I took an Air Asia flight.  Depart KL 2.15pm, Arrive Osaka 9.40pm.  Realised after I bought the tickets that the journey from Osaka airport to Osaka is an hour!  Aiks.... factoring in immigration, baggage collection, potential delays, I could be wondering around Osaka city on my own close to midnight!  Can't take a cab since it was going to be horribly expensive. The thought of lugging my luggage, getting lost at the train station or getting lost trying to find the hotel close to midnight was not appealing at all. 

Did more research and tot hey - why not try the Capsule hotel in the airport itself. I've always wanted to try a capsule hotel and it solves my logistics issue.

First Cabin Kansai Airport 
My capsule for the night. Got the Superior Capsule since the normal ones were fully booked. About RM 290, I think.  Not cheap! 

Common Bathroom
Hairdryer, Hair Curlers, Toiletries all provided.  Even a set of pyjamas was provided 

That night, I ticked off another item on my bucket list - Japanese Onsen! Common bath in the nude??  Definitely takes some getting used to!  Peeked a bit and saw the others just slowly washing themselves before getting into the common bath.  I had to resist the temptation to just jump into the water. haha. 

Row of standard cabins  

Just enough space for a bed 
Half glad I didn't get to book this.  Kinda claustrophobic! 

Luggage Storage Room
We were given the locks upon check in. Very efficient

Managed to get a decent night's sleep. Walls were really thin so I could hear every cough or bag zipping/unzipping from the neighbouring capsules clearly. And being at the airport, there were people moving in and out at weird times. Everyone was politely quiet but well, there were just plenty of sounds. 

Day 2

Bought an ICOCA Card to Kyoto
The Hello Kitty Card is so cute!  Pity had to return it. 

Snacks for the journey
I was on a keto diet just before the trip.  For a holiday - no diet! 

Headed straight to my hotel.  Me being me, I got a bit lost. Also me being me, I found my way in the end  :-)   Too early to check in so I left my luggage at the concierge and I was off to explore!

First Stop - Fushiri Inari Shrine 
I had to stop myself from grinning ear to ear when I saw the famous orange tori gates. The place was pretty packed. This photo (with no one blocking) was taken after about 30 mins of walking. 

Selfie!  The selfie stick is an absolute gem during a solo trip! 

I took my time at the shrine. I had no fixed schedule to follow  :-) 

Sat down for some ice-cream.  And then ramen for late lunch.   

Headed to Gion after that.  I booked a walking tour for I think around 6pm that day.  Walked and shopped around before the tour started. 

Cute Japanese school girl on the train

Beautiful Autumn Colours 

Maruyama Park, Gion 
Photo taken using my new Huawei phone. Didn't know how to adjust the Beauty app function at that time.  Too "beautified" until doesn't look like me. lol ! 

Got these 2 adorable little purses for the girls 

Kabuki Theatre 

 Found my walking tour 
It was good!  RM 50+ for 1.5 hours.  Well worth it as it was very informative. Entertaining too. 

Gion Streets 

My dinner for the night. Sooooooo good

My fitbit registered 28,012 steps that day! 

My hotel room for the night - Hotel Gracery Kyoto Sanjo.
After the capsule hotel, this hotel felt sooooo luxurious! After a nice hot shower and as I got under the bed covers - I was just thinking to myself : What an absolutely awesome day it was!

-End of Day 2-

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Ai Sakura said...

I was thinking of a solo trip back too.. hopefully during Sakura season. Been so long since I returned and not sure when we'd go as a family again.

Ai @ Sakura Haruka